Christmas Week – Tips on how to stop stressing and start enjoying the holidays

Buying gifts and taking care of groceries, making sure everything on the list is done by Christmas. This is what most winter holidays are but shouldn’t have to be.

There is a point where you can take your life into your own hands and say, “no more of this craziness for me”. It isn’t always easy and truthfully, you have to start doing it step by step, jumping into it headfirst might not be the most beneficial way of handling it, changes which last come in small but important steps. So, what are the things to do which will change your way of handling this period and transform it back into that magic you remember from your childhood?

Here are a few tips and tricks people swear upon:

  • Try gathering gifts all year long

Yes, really! So much of our time before Christmas is spent on stressing on what to get for our closest friends and relatives when we could have skipped this part only if we have paid attention all year long. While browsing the internet, shopping for clothes and trinkets, going on vacations, always keep an eye out for things others would absolutely love. If you do this, 3 things will happen, all in your favor: first and foremost, your gifts will be thoughtful, secondly, you will save a lot of time if this won’t be your sole focus the days leading up to Christmas and thirdly, you will save so much money (gifts are always priced up before the holidays, it’s just the way things work).

  • Even better, switch to hand-made presents

If you are the type of person who enjoys offering very personal gifts, it might be time to leave shopping behind altogether. Creating scrapbooks, picture albums and collecting memories together is way more valuable than anything else. These are the gifts which will be treasured for a lifetime and kept in high regard and creating them will also create a certain peace of mind for you as well. The process of making something with your own to hands is so special and soul lifting, it won’t simply be a present for someone else, but also a present for you!

  • Simplify your grand meal – order in or delegate cooking tasks!

It is true, that there is a lot of magic in preparing your family’s meal for Christmas but what if you are exhausted and would much rather do something special with your loved ones. Here is a little secret: it’s ok. It’s absolutely fine to skip all the work sometimes, you don’t have to overwork yourself every single time the holidays roll around. And to be honest, this year, you would be doing more good by choosing a small business, a caterer. You would have time to focus on all the things you love and enjoy and a business would get work during these truly weird times. Another option is to gather the entire family and give work for everyone – delegate the kitchen tasks and teach the secrets of cooking to your children. This way, you will be spending quality time together and the grownups of the family won’t be the only ones doing the work.

  • Run away – really!

And the grand finale! Why not book a stay at a holiday park for this period? Skip all of the tasks your day-to-day life entails and hide away in an entirely brand new one. Just like putting cinnamon in mulled wine, book a holiday in a tidy, cozy and pet-friendly bungalow and leave that long list of chores for next year. Curl up with your loved ones in front of a crackling fireplace, stay safe and relax. Most of the holiday parks which are open for guests in this period also offer a grand meal which can be ordered in, so you don’t necessarily have to do all the hard work yourself.

Domaine La Sapinière is another gem of a park, luring you to Hosingen, Luxemburg with fresh air, wonderful hiking routes and the promise of a calm, relaxing holiday in comfortable bungalows, where everyone cand find themselves again after a long year. Stay for a while, decorate the house in christmas ornaments and enjoy all of the holiday activities you usually don’t have time for: baking, tasting great wine, playing boardgames, reading and sleeping in!

Another great idea for a vacation of this sort is Bergvliet Villa’s park in Oosterhut, The Netherlands. The setting is one of the most gorgeous options out there. The houses are scattered in the middle of the woods, so a total reconnection to nature is an absolute possibility. While designing the bungalows, special attention has been accorded to the presence of light and an airy, easy atmosphere, achieved by large windows instead of some of the walls, creating a dreamy vibe where you can truly get into that holiday mindset.

All of the above places have houses with their own separate verandas, this way you families can gather outside, enjoy the fresh air and the nice pinching of winter on their faces, without having to mingle and meet others. Also, all of these options are pet friendly, because your family wouldn’t be complete without your four-legged best friend, now would it?

Whatever you may choose to do this season, there is only one thing you have to remember: stay focused on the important things, spread love and don’t get stressed out, it’s absolutely not worth it.

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