Remote spots in the Netherlands #discoverfriesland

Friesland is a true hidden fairytale, with an incredible amount of nature and water, intertwined with culture and history. The perfect blend of an active lifestyle and a thirst for always discovering something new, it is the ideal place for a safe family vacation. Hidden away from crowds and hordes of tourists, this region offers what we are all looking for when searching our next Spring vacation spot: large amounts of space for us and our loved ones and every single day filled with something new to do.

Here are a few ideas for when you would like to rediscover Holland or simply discover the treasures of Friesland:

1. Leeuwarden

When you visit the Friesland region, it is absolutely worth it to hop on over for a daytrip to Leeuwarden. It is absolutely packed with museums such as Fries Museum (art, culture, history), Princessehof Ceramics Museum, Pier Pander Museum, Natuurmuseum Fryslân, The Other Museum (model trains, photography, lace), Tresoas (Friesland archives), Fries Landbouwmuseum (agricultural museum). If you are more of a walk and discover type of person, that’s great, there are more than 800 Rijksmonuments (national heritage sites) in Leeuwarden, all waiting to be discovered. Take a stroll and find the Oldehove, a leaning tower of the city which is unfinished. The city center offers many sites like the city hall, the Saint Boniface church and even an Art Nouveau pharmacy. If you are a foodie, this city is bustling with hidden opportunities of trying something new or simply eating out in a place with great atmosphere. A great idea would be “Proefverlof” restaurant, which has actually been created in a former prison. The menu is wonderful and highly family friendly with many varieties of sandwiches, omelets, and an entire vegetarian menu for anyone not in the meat-eating business. The best part? During warmer days, you can sit outside on the terrace area and enjoy the view of the water. “Roast” restaurant welcomes carnivores and vegetarians alike, the food served is pure and of high quality so if you are into fish, burgers, and an ambiance to go with it, it's worth to call in for a spot for a Saturday afternoon late lunch after a tour of the city.

2. Eise Eisanga Planetarium

This one-of-a-kind, 18th century orrery located in Franeker, Friesland currently works as a museum and is the oldest still functioning orrery in the world and it is the handywork of Eise Eniga, who was actually an amateur astronomer besides his regular work of being a wool comber. The beauty of this planetarium is hidden away under an equally gorgeous, historical canal house. Upon visiting this special building, you will have the chance to closely inspect the working model of the solar system but besides this you may also find a screening room for documentaries, an entire collection of historical astronomical instruments and even special exhibits based on modern astronomy. It is absolutely worth a visit with your family, because one of the biggest presents you can offer your children is knowledge itself. This planetarium intertwines history with astronomy and physics so it’s the perfect blend for casual visitors and lovers of astronomy alike.

3. Beaches in the Friesland Province

Groene Strand can be found on the edge of West-Terschelling. It is well known for its sandy beach, kite surfing and a perfect spot for strolling around, where the vast landscapes offer the chance to experience high and low tides and the difference between the two. The fresh air and the sea breeze have the effect of calming your spirit and children have ample space to run around and play along the shore. Wildlife arrives during the spring, when many types of birds can be spotted, species specific to the area while cows and horses graze calmly in the area. If you are more of an adventurous type, you have the chance to try out kitesurfing, because there is a school for this in the area. The place is perfect for beginners because standing is possible anywhere in the designated areas. After a long walk or a few hours of learning how to move with the wind, there are a lot of options where you can eat and drink, like the Paviljoen De Walvis. Oosterstrand is in Schiermonnikoog and is also a favorable spot for wind sport activities. Besides the obvious beauty of the beach, there is a view of the Nordzee from this spot and renting bikes is a great idea for when you decided to explore the area. The area is not densely populated, so you won't be running into any crowds which is a huge bonus during this day and age.

4. De Alde Feanen National Park

The Feanen National Park offers so many activities and educational programs it is truly one of the best spots to visit in Friesland during Spring. It shines in children’s activities, and while the adults of the family go on a calm bike ride in the beautiful scenery, children can take part in any number of the following activities: backpack walks, learning skills from the past, learning how to sail, playing pirate and much more. Obviously, the family doesn’t have to be separated, parents can also partake in discovering what nature has to offer in this wonderful park. Besides the natural elements, visitors also have access to a number of man-made wonders, such as interesting churches, museums and art galleries. It is really the quintessential spot to visit if someone is eager to reconnect with nature for a day and drink in some culture at the same time. The perfect place to learn about Friesland but also the ideal location to unwind and have some quality family time, where everyone will most certainly find something fun to do!

5. Aquazoo Friesland

This Zoo is located in Leeuwarden and to be honest, it’s one of the best spots for children who enjoy the company of animals. Upon a visit, you get to meet seals, take a good look at sea lions up close and even walk the beach with the resident penguins. If that doesn’t sound like a fun activity, it’s hard to say what does. The entire place is highly interactive, upon entry, for a fee of only 1.5 euros children can be signed up for a scavenger hunt, which is a fun way to firstly grab the attention of a group of children and secondly, teach them about animals without them even noticing the fact that they are learning something entirely new.

Upon visiting the region, there are many possibilities for top vacation homes and holiday parks in Friesland: Waterdorp Burdaard, Efkes Pypskoft, Holiday park Bloemketerp, Houseboat – Sneekermeer. Going to a holiday park or renting an apartment for the family gives you the freedom and flexibility to visit attractions and manage your own time, all while offering a large amount of safety.

Waterdorp Burdaard holiday park is famous for its comfortable bungalows, serene setting and large space. You can reach it by car and use this fresh, small town as the base for your Friesland adventures!

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