10 Belgian beers you've probably never heard of

Belgium is a country where the friendly hospitality of villages and the Burgundian lifestyle are fully celebrated. An old, solid part of this is the custom of locally brewed beer created by masters and monks. Many of these beers are now world-famous. However, there are still a few foamy gems known only to the locals. Here are a few recommendations for the next time you are on holiday in this beautiful country.

10. Chevetogne

This perfectly balanced blonde beer is the ideal choice for all occasions. The De Fagnes brewers, who were the original creators of this beer, set up shop south of Mariembourg in the Namur region. Rich tones of noble earth are reflected in the taste of this beer.

9. Saqwé Brune

The brewers of La Rogère in Namur create only one brand of beer: Saqwé. This brown variant consists of a combination of three different types of grain and brown sugar. The soft tinge of caramelized fruit gives the brown beer a relatively light flavor.

green hop vines

8. Ouwen Duiker

This unique combination is the result of the marriage of the American hop type with Belgian craft beer. Hedonis Brewery, located south of Zwalm, has become quite famous in the region with this Pale Ale. This beer, low in bubbles, contains many fruity tones and soft aromas.

7. Guldenberg

Guldenberg is a traditional abbey beer. It owes its name to the Guldenberg Abbey in Wevelgem. Brewed with dry Hallertau Mittelfrűh hops, this abbey beer has a smooth, bitter, and full-bodied taste.

6. Klevere Tien

Fancy a potent mix of aromas? Klevere Tien is almost black in color and contains rich flavors of star anise, caramel, and licorice. Brouwerij de Nest, located in Turnhout, recommends this beer in combination with chocolate, blue cheese, and stew.

5. Troubadour Magma

Is it a tripel? Is it an IPA? It is a bit of both. The bitter character of an India Pale Ale combined with the fruity tones of a tripel has brought The Musketeers brewery, located near the Dutch border, much fame.


4. Surfine

A light beer with a kick! Surfine falls under the "Saison" category: fresh beers for the harvest season with a low alcohol percentage. But the Dubuisson brewery, located to the east of Tournai, has given this tradition a twist: this fresh hop beer contains no less than 6.5% alcohol!

3. Straffe Hendrik

Another quadruple that made our list. De Halve Maan brewery, an icon of Bruges, is known for its rich and powerful beers with an intense aroma of caramel and coffee. Straffe Hendrik is an absolute classic in their selection!

2. Bourgogne des Flandres

This red-brown beer is the crown jewel of the Bourgogne des Flandres brewery, also located in the center of Bruges. The beer is a fascinating combination of young and old, strong and fresh, sweet and bitter.

Brasserie Caracole

1. Nostradamus

In the south of the Ardennes, just 10 minutes from Vallée Les Etoiles, lies the fabulous Caracole brewery, which won bronze at the World Beer Awards with this beer. This unique brew has a complex fruit flavor as well as notes of mocha and anise.

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