Easter Weekend : how to have a great Easter Holiday?

Every year, as Easter rolls around, you find yourself planning the perfect getaway for you and your family. This year, the much-anticipated date falls between the 2nd and 5th of April, a perfect time for a nature based mini-vacation with historically kind weather conditions. Besides the favorable temperatures, the date also falls far after the last holiday in the calendar, which has been the 1st of January, so it is official: the time for a Spring vacation has come and it is more than welcome!

Let's see how you can make the absolute most of these carefree, green days, full of flowers and traditions!

Pick the ideal place for a family Holiday!

This part is one of the most important steps in planning a holiday. You wouldn't want to be stuck in close quarters if the weather somehow doesn't turn out to be exactly perfect. At the same time, you would want a mix and match of things to do such as activities in nature alongside visiting possible cultural attractions. There has to be enough to do and experience for children and adults as well and let's be honest, a simple hotel room wouldn't cut it, it's better to be able to step out into nature from the very moment you arrive on the scene. This is where holiday parks come in and offer you such a large variety of possibilities!

  • If you would like to spend some time in Belgium, there is probably no better place than the idyllic Vallée les Etoiles vacation park right in The Ardennes region. With its comfortable bungalows, it can host smaller and larger families alike (room for 2, 4, 6, 8 people in detached, norwegian style homes). Here you are getting your holiday dreams fulfilled, as the houses are placed in the rolling green hillside next to woods, and you have the chance to simply step out onto your personal porch at any moment of the day. Next to the obvious beauty of the place, there are hidden options to be discovered such as a more active weekends with riding bikes in secluded, untouched areas or discovering the woods by trekking through the awakening nature. Culturally it is a rich area, with the magical town of Dinant nearby, where you and your entire family can learn about the history of the place. Getting to this nearby town is fun in itself, because you don't really need to use the land roads, there is an option of hopping on a boat right at the entrance of the park and merrily riding the waves to your destination.
  • There are other great options, such as the ones in The Netherlands: Bergvliet Villa's conquers our hearts with its beautiful houses arranged in a much sought-out fashion in the middle of Noord-Brabant, hidden away in Oosterhout. This place will enchant your entire family and you will want to come back year after year. First of all, you are greeted by the most exclusive bungalows out there, with huge windows and a lot of natural light, designed in a modern yet comfortable aesthetic, aimed to make you feel at home, at ease and at peace.

Partake in family fun – Go Easter Egg hunting

The fact that you would be spending your Easter Holiday away from home doesn't have to mean that you can't keep your traditions alive! It actually means you can do them on an even larger scale, like an Easter Egg hunt in a vacation park or in the nearby woods with your children! Some holiday parks organize these events every year, but if you choose one which doesn't adhere to the tradition, you still have the option to do things your way. All you have to do is create a map, hide some real painted eggs, or chocolate ones and then let your children discover the hidden nooks and crannies, searching for their Easter treasures.

Visit a Spring Festival

During Easter, there are many Spring festivals you can visit and spend some time outdoors with your family. Belgium is famous for its Spring Festivals, for example Ostend's SpringTij Festival is ready to entertain all age groups with treasure hunts, cooking, water sports, drawing and architecture workshops. Besides this, adults can take part in book fairs, art exhibitions or even try their hands at a chocolate drawing contest.

Experience a medieval Easter in Bruges

If you are a history buff, this is a must see! The Bruge Historium museum arranges medieval a famous Easter decorations display every year, spiced with Ester animations, and arts and crafts aimed at children, so while the parents have their historical fun and might even sip a nice beer while in Bruges, the children can have a day of fun and learning. The entire family can attend presentations by local historians, explaining everything from medieval religious beliefs, Easter traditions and you can even taste historical delicacies eaten during Easter time. This is such a great way of learning and teaching new things to your children. History is so rich and most of the time, it is absolutely worth traveling to these quirky expositions, because these offer so much more in terms of truth and tradition.

Cook typical Easter foods!

Some families and couples absolutely revolve around the act of cooking. This is one of the most ancient ways of connecting and you don't have to miss out on this, even if you are spending your Easter weekend in a holiday park. Creating and Ester breakfast, brunch or lunch can be made simple and easy. All you have to do is pack well and think ahead before relocating to you Easter holiday vacation spot. Holiday parks (Vallée Les Etoiles, Domaine La Sapinière, Grafschaft Bentheim, Bergvliet Villa’s, Waterdorp Burdaard) usually have everything you may need for preparing a perfect meal, you just have to decide the type and get cooking! There is the obvious boiled egg, but you might add a Paastol next to this (a yummy loaf of bread filled with raisins, nuts and marzipan). It is also easy to create the traditional lamb shaped butter and add flavored butter on the table. These you don't even have to cook! The traditional breakfast/brunch also includes bread, croissants, ham, shrimp, smoked fish – all easy to find in stores and pack up on. If you really want to be fancy, you can cook lamb, but you might even be able to get away with cooking it at home and reheating it in the vacation home!

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