5 Holiday Park activities to try out this Easter Holiday with your children

As the gentle spring sun warms the earth, heralding the vibrant rebirth of nature, families everywhere begin to dream of memorable Easter holidays. At the most prestigious European holiday parks, nestled amidst serene landscapes, your family's Easter adventure awaits with open arms.

Unlike anywhere else, the following hand-picked parks offer a blend of tradition and wonder, where Easter egg hunts amidst ancient forests and storytelling under the starlit sky are just the beginning. Choosing a holiday park for your Easter Holiday means stepping into a world where the magic of spring is celebrated with heartwarming experiences, tailored to forge unforgettable memories with your loved ones. Here, the spirit of Easter is not just observed but lived, making every moment a cherished step in your family's journey.

An Easter Holiday filled with family activities

This year, we thought you would like to try out some more out-of-the-box activities, which the entire family can enjoy. Yes, egg hunts can be a lot of fun at holiday parks especially, and we do love ourselves some arts and crafts time but let’s make Easter Holiday 2024 a time of unexpected fun!

Here are five egg-citing Easter family activities to try out during your holiday for the delight of the little ones and you as well!

Outdoor Adventure Trails at Vallée les Etoiles Holiday Park during Easter Holiday

Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather by exploring the outdoor trails that your chosen holiday park has to offer. Whether it's a nature walk, a bike ride, or a bird-watching expedition, these activities provide the perfect opportunity for families to bond while enjoying the fresh air. At Vallée les Etoiles everyone has the chance to become an adventurer! This Easter Holiday, don’t forget your hiking shoes, even the smallest feet have to be ready to discover the ancient area of The Ardennes forest.

Steep slopes, impressive rocks, fast-flowing rivers, castles and ruins. Cross the rugged landscape and relax with a family picnic or enjoy a well-deserved break in one of the cute towns you will encounter on your way. Tell your children stories of fairies and long-gone kings and queens, and open the world up to them through history and the magic of nature. This area is perfect for developing new and useful hobbies such as bird watching and plant knowledge, which can even develop into paths of life for them in the future.

For the perfect nature-focused Easter holiday you will also need a comfy, cozy holiday home to stay at: Le Soleil Comfort is a 4-person detached chalet of approx. 40 m2 with a spacious living room and a covered terrace which can and will be utilized by your children to the max during sunny days this Easter. Book your holiday in advance, in the holiday park wich makes all your Easter Holiday dreams come true!

Visit Amusement parks this Easter while staying at Domaine la Sapinière Holiday Park

Would you like to know what makes an Easter Holiday truly stand out? Amusement parks and theme parks! Make your family’s Easter holiday even more unforgettable by planning a day at the amusement park. Watch your children's faces light up with joy as they experience the thrill of various rides, indulge in delicious treats, and take part in lively entertainment shows.

Domaine la Sapinière Holiday Park is located at the perfect spot from which you will be able to visit theme parks and amusement parks, out of which you will be able to choose the one that fits your family best, regarding the age of your children and the activities they most enjoy:

Eifel Park

  • The Eifel Park is a wildlife and leisure park in Gondorf near Bitburg in the Eifel mountains of Germany and offers rides and all sorts of fun for all age groups.

Grevenmacher butterfly garden

  • The Butterfly Garden or Jardin des Papillons is located in Grevenmacher in eastern Luxembourg. The indoor site presents over 40 species of butterflies in 600 square meters of natural surroundings. It is perfect for children and adults alike, and ideal for families who love beauty and tranquility.

Adventure park at Vianden

  • The adventure park located at Vianden offers visitors fun and adrenaline-filled activities such as climbing, clambering, and playing in the heart of the forest. It is the perfect spot for active families who don’t shy away from the little daredevil living inside them.

Park Sënnesräich

  • Located in Lullange, this park offers the chance to experience a spectrum of sensory delights where visitors can engage in activities that stimulate sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. Children can wander the Barefoot Path, close their eyes to discern the various textures beneath their feet while inside the "Five Senses Room," they are entertained and educated about the workings of our senses. The best part is that while the children romp around in the garden, you can relax on the terrace of the Bistro Sënnesräich, from where you have a clear view of the outdoor area.

Sapinière Type D is a recently renovated holiday home suitable for 4 people and more than perfect for a fun-filled Easter holiday filled with fresh air and laughter.

Book your Easter Holiday in advance and don’t forget to check with Domaine la Sapinière Holiday Park for any special Easter-themed events or activities happening at the amusement parks during your stay.

Kids Club during Easter at Parc Maasresidence Thorn

Parc Maasresidence Thorn has a very special place, created just for children which caters to their needs, wants, and playful spirits!

The Kids Club team of animators organizes various activities and workshops. Both indoor and outdoor and for all ages, these include building rafts, archery, "jam" sessions (children learn to make their own jam from fresh fruit), and the Happy Benny cookies or pizza baking workshops. If you prefer sports, you can play beach volleyball, bowling, go swimming or climbing in one of the playgrounds in the park. The Happy Benny Quests are highly recommended for the entire family. Educational, adventurous, and surprising! So go out and discover the most beautiful places in and around the park.

The Kids Club team, comprised of skilled animators, curates a variety of activities and workshops suitable for all ages, both indoors and outdoors. These engaging sessions include crafting rafts, trying their hand at archery, participating in "jam" sessions where kids learn to create their own jam from fresh fruits, and joining Happy Benny workshops to bake cookies or pizza.

For those inclined towards sports, options like beach volleyball, bowling, swimming, and playground activities are available within the park. Families are encouraged to embark on the Happy Benny Quests (educational, adventurous, and full of delightful surprises) exploring the park's most beautiful spots and its surroundings. This Easter Holiday it's time to venture out and uncover the wonders awaiting you!

Even more, the child-centered fun doesn’t stop with just Happy Benny when it comes to Parc Maasresidence Thorn. You can even choose a holiday home which has been created for families with children, to offer them every comfort and freedom. In the Kids Special holiday home, the spotlight is on children with the exclusive children's bedroom, a private enclave within the living room featuring play furniture, an enclosed garden, and entry to an expansive private play zone. Tailored for young families, the Kids Special Homes provide amenities like a high chair, a baby bed, and stair gates in each villa. This ensures children feel entirely at ease, while parents can easily keep an eye on them and relax. Vacations are for everyone at the end of the day.

Try out this special villa created for your needs during your Easter Holiday.

Water fun during Spring at Parc Maasresidence Thorn

A true vacation involves splashing around and enjoying the water! Parc Maasresidence Thorn ensures year-round enjoyment for all age groups with the recently unveiled indoor swimming haven, MRT Pool. Whether you're sliding down the expansive water slide, doing a few laps, or relaxing in the roomy whirlpool, there's something for everyone. Meanwhile, the smallest of guests can frolic in the safe but spacy children's pool. After your aquatic adventures, be sure to dry off on the terrace of Humphrey’s Thorn!

For those seeking a more active Easter holiday, the park's pool is a hub of playful water activities. From water volleyball matches to friendly races, the pool provides a vibrant space for families to engage in quality time together. Children can splash and play in the shallows, creating joyful memories that will last a lifetime.

As in the case of the Kids Special homes, Parc Maasresidence Thorn truly wants to elevate all the fun your family is having, so during your Easter holiday, another exceptional option would be choosing a Premium Water villa as your home base. This way, you will be able to unwind in your personal sauna after a day filled with activity and savor the breathtaking sunset over the water. For those seeking a touch of added luxury by the water's edge, the Premium Water Homes stand as the ultimate option for a delightful holiday experience. Positioned with a backyard directly connecting to the water, the Premium Water villa offers a splendid view.

A water-center Easter holiday in a luxury holiday park? Yes, please!

Travel back in time to the Bronze Age, from Holiday Park Grafschaft Bentheim during your Easter Holiday

This one is for our history-buff friends out there, for all the families who have the curious gene, the ones who look at the world and ask: okay but how did we get here?

The concept of establishing a Bronze Age farm originated following a significant excavation in Uelsen, where around 130 sites from the late Bronze Age to the early Iron Age were found. Now, visitors have the opportunity to step back some 3000 years and fully immerse themselves in the past. They can touch and experiment with replicas of Bronze Age tools, clothing, and vessels, experience the scents and tastes of ancient meals and drinks, feel the warmth of a hearth fire, and absorb information from second-person interpreters.

Beyond simple guided tours, visitors, especially children, can actively engage in a variety of activities and seminars related to the Bronze Age. These interactive sessions can range from just a few hours to an entire weekend, offering a hands-on and educational experience for all.

So stay at Ferienpark Grafschaft Bentheim, between the golden fields, old woods, winding rivers, and charming windmills, and sign up for an Easter Holiday filled with history and a little bit of time travel thrown in for good measure!

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