Halloween in Grottes de Han – stay at a holiday park, experience a magical week with your children!

The Caves of Han-Sur-Lesse are an important and large-scale tourist attraction in Belgium, located next to the village of the same name. The main draw is the cave system, but there are so much more to experience besides it, such as the rich wildlife park and the Han 1900 museum.

If you like doing Halloween the right way, a great idea would be to embark on a trip and experience what this complex has to offer.

1. Discover the Cave

The Cave of Han is great fun for children and adults alike, taking the entire family on a journey to the center of the earth. It is set in the first ever Belgian UNESCO Global Geopark, making it a unique setting to spend any holiday, especially Halloween! 

  • First and foremost, the spooky vibes start in the depths of Earth. The cave welcomes its visitors with large chambers, gorgeous concretions and expertly set up LED lighting, created with eco-friendliness in mind. 
  • The cave is home to many memories left behind by mankind, since the beginnings of time, and has been visited again and again, generation after generation, and now every single modern visitor adds to this row stipulated in history. 

This is no simple walk in a cave, because nearly 110 meter underground an incredible sound and light show awaits, named Origin. As soon as you enter the Weapon’s Room, the walls almost come to life, music resonates everywhere, and an entire universe materializes in front of your eyes. What is more fitting for a Halloween event than being transported through time, back to the very origins of the Earth. Origin is a true work of art, created by Luc Petit, a creative genius using state of the art video mapping and laser technology, who has worked with such names as Franco Dragone, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Disney. 

Halloween or All Hollow’s Eve doesn’t have to mean the classical witches and ghouls. You can partake in it in a very different and educational way, offering your children a once in a lifetime experience! 

2. Discover the Wildlife Park 

Han-sur-Lesse doesn’t simply consist of a wondrous cave system, it also offers the experience of a wildlife park. With its 250 hectares of pure nature, it houses countless animals native to the European continent and has stunning panoramas, welcoming you into a true haven of the European fauna. You may choose to explore it on foot or by Safari-bus, depending on the needs and wants of your family.

Home to more than 650 animals, you will be able to discover the so-called European Big 5: the bison, the wolf, the brown bear, the lynx and the wolverine. The place has an important message for children and adults alike. Since its opening in 1970, there is a focus on the balance between it being a touristic attraction and the desire of preserving the natural heritage. Therefore, the park is making sure to act every single day in an environmentally aware manner, implementing eco-friendly policies wherever and whenever possible.

This is an important lesson to learn this day an age, and a long weekend spent visiting this wonderful park will be educational and at the same time fun for the entire family! 

3. Travel back in time with Han 1900

The Han 1900 museum is a wonderful little museum to top off your visit to Han-sur-Lesse. Going in, you will open the door to the past and travel back to the early days of the 20th century. 

Stepping into the year 1900, your group will have the chance to learn about 85 crafts from by-gone times through 50 meticulously recreated scenes, which show everyday life from the area, frozen in time. The museum showcases mannequins dressed in historical clothing and an incredible collection of more than 5000 objects and tools from the period. 

Discover a faithful recreation of the 1900 era, where every detail showcases the true history of the region! 

Han-sur-Lesse is located at a 35km distance from Vallée les Etoiles holiday park, so booking a Halloween stay is one of the best options for a Belgian vacation. The cozy Norwegian style bungalows offer your entire family the perfect getaway, and besides visiting the caves and wildlife park, you can also carve pumpkins and enjoy a nice mulled wine in the fresh air, on your very own terrace. 

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