The best holiday with your pet - Choosing firework free vacations for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is that magical time of year, when the western part of the world walks into the fresh year with new hopes and dreams. Tradition has it, that we must this as loudly as possible, by lighting up the sky in brilliant colors and showers of light.

These traditions derive from ancient ones, in the past firecrackers and fireworks were set off at the stroke of midnight to scare away evil spirit and celebrate the new year. The spirits might have been erased from the folklore, but the loud bangs remain, and as dog and pet owners we know one thing for sure: our pets really don’t enjoy these loud sounds in the most part.

As dogs have a sharper ear and lower understanding of all the things human do, it is very understandable they get anxious and scared during days with sharp sounds and bangs, such as New Year’s celebrations. Some pets are very hard to soothe when this all goes down, others even run away, either way it is absolutely heartbreaking to see their suffering during one of the most fun nights out of the year.

Knowing all of this, what can you do? You could stay at home, lock the door, shut the blinds, soundproof the house and ride it out with your little furry friend. Or, you could plan ahead and book a stay at a pet-friendly holiday park home in a secluded area, under the starry sky, where no fireworks are allowed or only a very minimal amount!

Here is a collection of great ideas, from Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany, where not only you but your pets are also a top priority!

  1. Bergvliet Villa’s - Oosterhout, The Netherlands

Bergvliet is a special location, luring you in at first glance with its green, rural vibes and a marvelous location in the middle of a forest. It also offers calm and tranquility with its on-site deluxe SPA, and golfing possibilities. What makes you stay and truly enjoy your time spent in Zen heaven are the houses with their spacious covered terraces, outdoor fireplace options and the natural light inside, made possible by using large glass walls instead of classical ones, opening up the space.

Fireworks or any kind of noisy New Year’s activity are strictly prohibited, but pets are allowed – this means, that you and your group of friends or family will be able to have the new year’s celebration of your dreams, offering your pet the silence it needs to get through the night.

Try the Birdie (4 person), Eagle (8 person) or Albatros (12 person) houses, find your favorite and visit yearly – it will truly feel like your own little place in heaven.

  1. Vallée les Etoiles – Blaimont, Belgium

This park is one of those hidden gems you will find once and fall in love with forever. Located in Blaimont, Belgium, it is set in the middle of The Ardennes region, making it a secluded, homey place with very easy access. The setting is that of a quintessential Belgian village, with many cultural, culinary and natural attractions close by, such as mystical castles, trappist beer breweries and natural landscapes out of your dreams.

The accommodation is unique in many ways. The Norwegian style bungalows range from romantic 2 person houses to ones which have place for up to 8 people (6 adults and 2 children).

The houses are located far apart, and every single bungalow has its own terrace area, offering the kind of safety only your own home could, in a magical, serene setting. As fireworks are only allowed in the reception and the restaurant area, the sounds and lights are much more under control this way, so you and little pup will have a safer night, with much less noise pollution.

  1. Hof van Zeeland – Heinkenszand, The Netherlands

Located next to Lake Stelleplas and the picturesque village of Heinkenszand, this park is the ideal tranquil setting for any holiday. Pets are more than welcome here, upon arrival, you will even find a small treat for them. The large natural setting gives you the option for long walks, fresh air and bonding with your family and pets.

The Bungalows are cozy and comfortable, offering a wide range of options, from 4-person houses to homes for larger groups of 9 people.

Here, New Year’s celebrations are restricted to the parking area next to the reception and the restaurant, so the sounds will be at a minimum, alongside with your dog’s stress level.

  1. Grafschaft Bentheim – Uelsen, Germany

This park has a large variety to offer in terms of nature and outdoor activities. Located right on the border between The Netherlands and Germany. The region is famous for its cycling options but also for the historic town of Bad Bentheim. Even though it’s set in Germany, it has a palpable Dutch feeling to it, with windmills, watermills with a fine mix of rolling hills, local festivals and events.

Houses are available in many varieties, from 3 people options to ones that can accommodate to up to 12 people at a time. Fireworks are absolutely prohibited, so naturally your dog will have a calm New Year’s Eve, while you can prepare a calm night with cheese platter and wine, or anything else which would tickle your fancy.

Besides these four highly rated parks, here are a list of options, which also prohibit the usage of fireworks: Scheleberg, Beekbergen, Lichtenvoorde, Noordwijkse Duinen, Park du Soleil, Ijsselhoeve, Woudhoeve, Residence Valkenburg, De Leuvert.

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