Five types of people who you will meet in a holiday park

You have decided to spend your vacation in a vacation park, away from crowds, where you can basically settle in and enjoy the beauty of a holiday home. Great, but have you ever thought about the community a holiday park offers? During our travels and our free time, we not only get the chance to see new places and experience new things, but we also get to know like-minded people, who can even become lifelong friends.

There are a few types of people who truly enjoy the freedom and the true connections such a place offers. We have gathered 5 of the greatest ones, the kind of people we would gladly share a glass of wine with on our holiday home porches!

The adventurer

The adventurer should not be seen as a thrill seeker in this context. This person truly enjoys trying new things and often alternates between the places he visits, trying to discover a new region on a yearly basis. He knows all there is to know about the best places to stay at, the most hidden mountain paths and always has a few tips for others. He is not the bragging type but is truly in awe of the beauty of our world. Most of the times he is highly energetic in a low-key way and loves going on walks and trying the more extreme options around the park, such as rock climbing or kayaking. He doesn't always play by the rules, this is how he gathered all that knowledge about the more secretive paths and secluded areas. The perfect place for such a vacationer would be Vallée les Etoiles, due to all of the thrilling options around the park. Here, adventurers can really dig into the outdoor sports, try out caving and paintballing with Dinant adventure or even feed their desire for adrenaline with “The Funcable” and the “Deathride”

The dog person

A true dog person would do anything for their pet, and it shows. This type of vacationer always has his four-legged pal by his side. They never leave their home without their best friend and never step out of the holiday home without him either. They make a true dynamic duo with their pupper and go on long walks, discover nature together and experience what the true meaning of what a holiday really is. Upon meeting this type of vacationer, you are in luck! Not only you will be making a friend who adores animals, but you will also have the chance to get friendly with one of nature most kindhearted creations: the dog. Two friends in one, not a bad deal at all, but be prepared to give hugs and belly rubs! For the dog of course. There are many great parks which welcome four legged friends as well, such as Vallée les Etoiles in Belgium and Domaine "La Sapinière" in Luxembourg. At both of these parks, these great combinations (human and dog) can be seen roaming around the park but also discovering culture together, such as magical towns, gorgeous castles and obviously some great beer breweries along the way. Don't be shy to say hello and ask if the dog enjoys the company of others!

The nature lover

Obviously, most of the people who choose a vacation park over a hotel are true nature lovers but there are those special kinds of people out there, who seem to connect with the surrounding greenery even more. They know the name of every flower, moss and tree. They are highly perceptive to changes in the weather and are always dressed accordingly. These are the people who you want to be around while on a nature walk or a leisurely bike ride, because they are full of information and you will learn more about your surroundings from them. It doesn't matter if you are going to The Ardennes and staying at Les Etoiles or visiting Friesland and renting a cozy bungalow at Waterdorp Burdaard holiday park. In the woodland region, they can spin entire tales about the beneficial aspects of certain flowers while by the North Sea, they will explain the habitat of the seals and explain where to travel to see sea lions in the wild. These people are truly great, and should you ever meet one of them, you will be in luck with your own personal David Attenborough.

The gourmand

The gourmand is the type of person who is always on the hunt for the best foods a certain region has to offer. They are in search of authenticity and new flavors and can truly tell the difference between certain kinds of wines and beer. They can be spotted at the park restaurant but also around the surrounding towns, snooping around places which offer food, searching for the opening hours of the local market and in line to get fresh seafood by the sea. This is the type of vacationer who can tell you what is worth trying and where to go for the best bite in town. He always has a great wine or a wonderful beer from a small brewery in his holiday home and is eager to share these experiences with you. You will get the best culinary tips and eat well for the entirety of your trip and maybe even make a friend for life, with the common ground for you two being your ever grumbling stomachs.

The family-oriented traveler

This type of vacationer always travels with his family and strongly believes in the quality time spent with them. He likes vacation parks because these offer that “home away from home” feeling and a large amount of safety. The family always has something to do in a holiday park, from taking part in activities of their own, to using the playgrounds and trying out the options offered by the animation team. They are a great addition to this community of vacationers. If you have children of your own, seeking out these families in the child friendly spots of the grounds is a great way of getting playmates for your children and widening their horizons all while making friends of your own. There are so many wonderful holiday parks frequented by families, depending on the country of your choice you may consider any single one of the following options: Vallée les Etoiles (Belgium), Domaine "La Sapinière (Luxembourg), Bergvliet Villa’s (The Netherlands), Grafschaft Bentheim (Germany), Waterdorp Burdaard (The Netherlands).

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