Top 10 romantic holiday homes for Valentine's Day

Love is something worth celebrating every day. It's no wonder thus that we've dedicated a special day to it as well, namely Valentine's Day. If you're tired of "the classic" flowers and chocolate Valentine's Day gift, why not choose a little something more special this year? We're talking about that heart-warming, joy-bringing, fun-filled thing called Travel.

Are you up for it? Surprise your loved one this year with one of the most love-celebrating getaways in a romantic holiday home:

10. A holiday home in Levanto, Italy

This historic town is simply stunning, and not to forget... it is the gateway to the famous Cinque Terre. Not that we even have to say too much about this place, but it is truly and for real one of the most romantic ones, and not only in Europe. The five picturesque villages of the Cinque Terre are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and easily accessible from Levanto. The beaches and the rocky coastline offer amazing views. You will have a most wonderful time walking around here, going for a hike, enjoying a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant. Picture frame worthy memories will be created.

Accommodations in Levanto: there are quite a few suggestions for accommodations here, one more romantic than the other. Try the Costa Morroni Holiday Park, where they organize trips along the coast of the Cinque Terre, and where the guests also have the chance to visit the wine cellars of the “Cinque Terre” winery. The holiday home Rainbow is also a fantastic option, with stunning views of the sea and also with a terrace, spa and swimming pool. The Santa Ola apartments are situated at about 50 meters from the sea.

9. A holiday home in the Midi-Pyrenees, France

You have quite a few options here, and one of them would be the beautiful holiday park of Le Lac Bleu. Forty luxury villas you will find here, on the edge of a forest, within walking distance of Lacapelle Marival, an authentic charming French village. The park has a heated outdoor pool and you have plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling and exploring medieval villages around. In Tréjouls you have the Belle Vue holiday park situated on a former wine estate. You can explore this area on the Southern mountain slope on a scooter, or if you're a more active couple you can try kayaking, mountain climbing, cycling, hiking and parachuting.

8. A holiday home in North Holland, the Netherlands

Whether you choose one near Amsterdam or you choose one on a lake side, or maybe a few days by the sea, you will have a fabulous time. In the Dutch North Sea Coast you can choose a holiday home in Zandvoort such as at the Center Parcs Zandvoort aan Zee. From here you can go skiing at the Snowplanet indoor ski slope, or take a romantic walk on the beach, not to mention that the sun always shines at the indoor Beach Factory where lots of water fun is in order. Another option is also the village of Callantsoog, in North Holland. Here you are closer to nature and greenery and long walks in the forest are extremely pleasant. The beautiful Zwanenwater nature area is also just a few minutes away. This is a beautiful dune area with two large dune lakes, marshes, ponds, moors and woods you can explore with your loved one.

7. A holiday home in the Ardennes, Belgium

The Ardennes is a well-known area of Belgium, where nature seems dressed for a celebration every day. What better place to thus celebrate your love on Valentine's Day if you are nature lovers as well? At bungalow park Les Doyards is peacefully situated on a lake of 14 ha. This is also an ideal place for skiing, sledding and cross-country skiing. The lake and its surroundings will give you the chance to enjoy water cycling, fishing, hiking, cycling, walking or just lazing on the grass.

6. A holiday home on the Croatian Coast

Croatia... beautiful, wild, surprising... it's like describing love. The Croatian Coast is stunning in any season, and if you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day in this country, you are one lucky couple... or couple of people, as you prefer. Whether you choose a holiday on the Croatian Coast as a romantic couple or as a group, you are guaranteed a fabulous time. In Sukošan for a chance, you are close to the city of Zadar and its attractions, as well as to the sea and the beach. This area is also well-known as a place of vineyards, so a romantic wine tasting is in order, or maybe a bottle of the local wine, served on the beach. There are olive orchards, a lush vegetation and friendly residents to make your stay even more perfect.

5. A holiday home in Andalusia, Spain

Andalusia is a well-known touristic area of Spain, and more so, it has a lot to offer to its guests. From horseback riding, to sailing or canoeing, hiking, climbing, caving and canyoning, you can choose your type of romantic activity every day. Choose a holiday home in Periana for example and enjoy a lovely time with your significant other. Nearby at Baños de Vilo you can enjoy swimming in the pool surrounded by nature, and not far you will also find the Lake Vinuela, where you can go for a romantic boat ride, while enjoying a glass of local wine.

4. A holiday home in Diekirch, Luxembourg

Luxembourg might just surprise you when it comes to a holiday destination. It is a place of culture and history, of fairy tales and castles and stunning nature. In Hosingen for example, you can choose a holiday home at the Sapiniere holiday park, right at the border of a beautiful nature reserve. You can take on a romantic hike and enjoy some breathtaking landscapes, or you can go cross-country skiing from right behind he park. A swimming pool and spa treatments are like 100 meters away, and all in all the possibilities for entertainment are numerous: cycling, climbing, even water-skiing, canoeing, sailing, surfing. You can also go camping, or play golf, tennis. Explore the area on horse back, go swimming, fishing. Relax with thermal bathing or try your luck in a casino. Spend the evening at the theater or at a concert, visit museums. Love is a celebration of life.

3. A holiday home in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany

Being that Valentine's Day is in February, and of course, being that Germany is just so awesome with you, it gives you the chance to still take your loved one on a skiing trip for example, combined with some relaxation at a spa. Caught your fancy yet? If so, you may want to take a look at the holiday homes in Winterberg for a chance. The Hapimag Resort Winterberg offers large and bright apartments for example. From here you can go skiing and snowboarding, walking around and exploring the area. Then you can end your day with a nice relaxing massage and with a sauna, swimming pool and jacuzzi. Grab a bottle of the local wine and make your time spent here a memorable one.

2. A holiday home in Zeeland, the Netherlands

Spending time by the sea is a great idea at any time of the year. The water has a way of bringing peace and relaxation, not to mention that a romantic boat trip is a wonderful way to celebrate love. In Ouddorp for example you can choose an accommodation at Port Zelande holiday park, they even have the Aqua Mundo subtropical swimming paradise here. By the North Sea here you can enjoy surfing, horseback riding, inline skating, water jump, bowling and mountain biking. Nordic Walking is pretty big in the area too, and the Delta Park Neeltje Jans where you can see the Delta Works is not too far. End the day with a delicious seafood dinner and a glass of local wine... you will want to come back here for sure.

1. A holiday home in Sicily, Italy

You will hardly find a more romantic place than this beautiful island for Valentine's Day. "La dolce vita" is even sweeter in Sicily, and the stunningly beautiful sea here, the sandy beaches and gorgeous little gems of resorts will take this place way up there on your holiday favorites list. In Gioiosa Marea you will find amazing residences as your Valentine's Day accommodation in Sicily, such as the Residence Melograno, Residence Mandorlo, from where the sea is close, the Aeolian Islands are easy to reach and you can go hiking in the Nebrodi Mountains, among others. Italian food for dinner only makes things lovelier. Another great option can also be the island of Marettimo, which is the most remote and mountainous island of the Egadi archipelago. This was actually the first island to break away from Sicily, and it has some wild nature. You can admire the stunning sea caves and the coast on a romantic boat trip here, or go scuba diving, or even hiking in the mountains, trekking.

Don't hold your breath just yet, because there is also the Pantelleria island. This is not only the largest but also one of the most beautiful islands of Sicily, a Mediterranean island found 70 km away from the African coast. They call it the “Pearl of the Mediterranean”. The white domes of the typical “Dammusi” houses are everywhere here, and you can rent two types of these accommodations: Classic or Elegance. They offer stunning panoramic views, some have exceptional views of the sunset and the Tunisian coast even.

There you go... it's not for nothing that Europe is considered to be one of the most romantic continents. Whether it's for Valentine's Day or not, a romantic holiday in Italy, or a holiday in the Netherlands, a romantic weekend away in Spain or a ski holiday in Germany are fabulous ways of celebrating life... and love, you should surely celebrate that every day. Why not start with exploring a romantic location?

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