An active Easter Holiday – Stay at a park, go on a walk!

An Easter Holiday spent at home can sometimes turn into an endless stream of hours and days focusing on cooking and eating. This is nice and all, but most of the times families enjoy other types of quality time spent together and a short getaway during this time is the perfect setting for this. This day and age, you have an abundance of options, finding the best fit for your loved ones, and in this little peace of writing you can read about the benefits of an active type of vacation during Easter Holiday.

Walking and trekking in nature during your Easter Holiday.

There are so many possibilities to choose from if you would like to connect or reconnect with nature during this time. First of all, the weather is most likely going to be perfect for this type of activity. All you have to do is pack good trekking shoes for everyone and layer up your clothing (you might set out in the cold in the morning and find yourself in the middle of a sunny, warm day by noon). Depending on what you are into and what region you would most like to visit, you have so many options where you can do this even on a daily basis. Located in Belgium, Vallée les Etoiles welcomes you with the lure of The Ardennes region, cozy Norwegian style cottages, a gourmet restaurant and so many other activities to choose from. Domaine "La Sapinière" shows you perfectly what Luxemburg is about and offers many trails trough the woods starting directly from the park.

Cycling through the woods, discovering the surroundings

Your Easter Vacation can become the adventure of your lifetime, because truly nothing beats cycling through the woods or taking mountain bike roads to explore hard to reach parts of the region you would be staying it.Cycling is one of the best ways of staying fit, it’s easy on your joints and is great for the regulation of your heart rate. Obviously, it’s very different when you try it out in a natural setting versus a city or a village but let’s not forget one important aspect: it’s so much fun to do! Hop on a bike and discover Luxemburg in a way you have never seen it before! Domaine "La Sapinière" even offers bicycles for you to rent, so you don’t have to drag along so many different types of bikes and stress about where to store them or secure them on your car. Ride through the greenness of The Ardennes or go on a castle tour, riding from castle to castle and stopping for a well-deserved beer or lemonade along the way from time to time. Grafschaft Benthaim holiday park offers a different experience, but equally fun. Located in Germany, you and your entire family will have the chance to spend an unforgettable Easter in a calm, serene region, the ideal mix between the Dutch and German heritage. At the same time, serene doesn’t mean sitting around and doing nothing! Hop on a bike, explore the countryside and the nearby villages and spend your time doing what you love, even during Easter Weekend!

Golfing and SPA, 2 in 1

Golfing is one of those sports which is highly technical and demands a lot of practice and who can resist spending an entire day outdoors, perfecting their skills? Bergvliet Villa’s vacation park knows exactly what you need if this is the sport of your choice. An Easter Weekend spent in here would entail a wonderful bungalow in the middle of nature, with a lot of natural light and a secluded setting. You can use the high-quality golf course during the day, eat in the on-site restaurant and try the local delicacies, because we all know food tastes better after an entire day spent breathing in the fresh air and being active. The cherry on top comes with a slow down session at the SPA ONE, also located on the grounds of the holiday park. Get a massage, relax in the water, and prepare your body and soul for another day of golfing - truly sounds like the perfect Easter Holiday.

Try kayaking on the Lesse river

This may sound wild and hard to do, but kayaking is truly as hard as the river lets it to be. If during this Easter Holiday, you will choose to visit Vallée les Etoiles, you really should dip your toe in the water in the literal sense of the word! Kayaking on the Lesse river is safe and fun, especially if you choose professionals to aid you and guide you along the way. Dinant Evasion offers different lengths and types of kayaking trips, giving you not only the necessary tools to do it but also their expertise and help whenever necessary. This is not just your everyday river kayaking trip, thanks to a magical path which winds right under castles, historical sights and natural formations. The best part? Children are also welcome to join in on the fun and depending on their age group, Dinant Evasion will assess their skills and offer an entire variety of programs from electric boat trips, kayaking or even rail biking and paintball.

All of these options make for an active Easter Holiday, depending on the length of the stay, you make mix and match all of these activities and even invent some of your own, based on your hobbies!

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