Top 8 ideas for a family vacation – visit Belgium, enjoy the ride

Whether you are preparing for a vacation holiday or thinking about ideas on where to go for a relaxing autumn holiday, Belgium is a great idea either way. With its culture, nature parks and cuisine, it offers a variety of options for families, so everyone will find something fun to do.

First and foremost, choosing a holiday park as your base equals safety and relaxation. It is like a home away from home and the natural setting induces a state of tranquility and a kind of happiness which may only be achieved in the palm of nature. 

Here are 8 inspiring autumn destinations in Belgium, complete with wholesome fun for the entire family: 

Domaine Des Grottes De Han, Han-sur-Lesse – The Cave 

This is one of Wallonia’s favorite tourist attractions, an awe-inspiring cave in the middle of a Belgian UNESCO Global Geopark, complete with eco-friendly led lights and the sense of history which resonates with every single step. It is aimed at children mainly, but it shouldn’t be overlooked when looking out for family outings. This truly is one of the greatest experiences parents can try out with their kids. The cave welcomes visitors as a true natural art piece, with the Lesse river winding through the space, but it also has a valuable museum which educates visitors on archeological treasures discovered at the bottom of the river. Besides these, a lightshow awaits at 110 meters underground, a breathtaking, amazing view, which will stay with you for a long time after your visit. 

The cave is located at a 30-minute drive from Vallée les Etoiles holiday park, a leisurely distance any time of day and possible for even the most hectic families.

The wildlife park of Grottes des Han 

You can explore the park on foot, or using a safari bus, either way the 250-hectare space is a haven for nature, countless animal species native to Europe and stunning panoramas. With 650 types of animals living peacefully in this area, you will have the chance to admire the so-called European Big 5: the bison, the wolf, the brown bear, the lynx and the wolverine. Children and families appreciate the freedom the park offers and have the chance to learn about endangered species and how their preservation works. It is one the best educational and recreational options in the region, you shouldn’t miss out on this, if you have the chance to visit! 

The wildlife park is at a 30-minute drive from Vallée les Etoiles holiday park and represents a great way of spending a day or an afternoon with your family. 

Han yesteryear, a center for country life and forgotten crafts 

Trades, crafts and traditions are the building blocks of culture, and our children shouldn’t have to live without at least some knowledge regarding these wonderful ideas. Han 1900 aims to fill this gap, operating as a museum dedicated to life in the countryside at the beginning of the 20th century. Its main goal is to familiarize visitors with the more than 50 traditional trades, using staged mannequins and settings with many more surprises such as a collection of 5000 tools, anvils and paintings. This is the perfect destination for families who would like to add a certain level of learning and inspiration to their vacation, building up the level of knowledge of their children in a fun and wholesome way. 

The museum can be found only 30 minutes away from Vallée les Etoiles holiday park, an easy drive for families. 

Mini Europe in Brussels 

Maybe you would like to show your children the world, visit every major attraction in Europe but right’s not entirely possible. Well, there is a fun alternative, which you can do in about 3-4 hours! The Mini Europe park, located in Brussels collects all of the great attractions from Europe, offering miniature replicas of Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Canals of Venice, the Acropolis and much more. Children can witness the Vesuvius erupt and see the Berlin wall collapse, it is a great way of having fun while learning more about geography and history at the same time. Be sneaky, take a family trip to this awesome place and teach them important things without them even realizing that in fact… they are learning something new! 

This awesome little park is located in Brussels, Belgium and can be reached in only 1 hour and 30 minutes by car if your starting point is in in Blaimont, the Vallée les Etoiles holiday park. 

Maison des Geants – The Giant’s house 

The Ducasse d’Ath is a tradition parade, held in the small town of Ath in Belgium. Its aim is to commemorate the victory of David over Goliath. This tradition has been recognized as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco. The parade itself is held on the 4th Sunday of August every year, and is distinguishable by the large giants, depicting characters from local history and folklore. The town also has a museum, dedicated to these giants, which can be visited all year round, if you couldn’t make it to the parade. The Giant’s house educates visitors on the history of this tradition and is a fun tour in a large, beautiful home. 

Ath can be reached in just under 2 hours by car from from Vallée les Etoiles holiday park. 

Train World - Brussels 

This one is for the train lovers out there, for the locomotive crazies, who absolutely love the way trains and railways work. Train World is a unique experience which will take you on a historical stroll, getting to know the first steam locomotives, the high-speed trains and everything in between! A great option for all age groups, families have the chance to get up close and personal with different types of trains, climb aboard 100-year-old ones, visit the railway house and see what it’s like to drive a train. 

Train World is also located in Brussels, so naturally you can get there in just over an hour from Vallée les Etoiles vacation park. 

Rail Biking in Molignée 

You and your family can discover together the pleasure of rail biking. Relax while spending one or two hours on the old railway along the picturesque valley of the Molignée. A great activity for young and old, you will find yourself on a safe path, pedaling away and having fun, and at a certain point even arriving at a nice restaurant, where you and your children can enjoy a small snack together, eat ice cream and the adults of the group can drink hot coffee. Fresh air combined with an entirely interesting way of getting around gorgeous landscapes: what’s not to like? 

Molignée is located at only a 25-minute drive from Vallée les Etoiles vacation park.

Park de Furfooz 

On the very edge of The Ardennes, next to Dinant, right alongside the Lesse river, visitors can experience a truly unique nature walk. The road isn’t like anything you have seen before. An easy passage, you will basically get the chance to see roman ruins, beautiful landscapes and a fully restored roman bathhouse. The entire stroll takes between 2-3 hours, you can pack up a nice little picnic and enjoy your food in the fresh air, while experiencing history. 

Furfooz is only 20 minutes by car from Vallée les Etoiles, so it’s the ideal place to spend a sunny morning with your family. 

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