The ideal vacation: you, your family and a crackling fireplace – stay safe, stay inside

The prototype of the classical fireplace appeared as early as the ancient times, back when humankind was still learning how to use fire, taming it and willing this energy to work for their benefit. After a while, it got a special place inside the house, also called the “hearth”, getting the status of being the dominant element of the interior space of a home. Maybe watching an open flame and sitting near it is imprinted in our genetic memory, taking us back to simpler times and giving us a sense of protection and comfort.

Each and every person has their own meaning behind the word “fireplace”. For some of us, it’s a luxury item or interior decoration while for others it is a sturdy brick oven, built for practical use. But for everyone, without and exception, a fireplace means comfort, good taste and great times spent indoors, getting lost in the flames. Knowing all of this, it’s no surprise most of us usually opt for a vacation home with a fireplace in it, especially when it comes to winter holidays. Nothing beats the sensation of comfortably curling up in front of the fire, with all the time of the world on your hands, reading a great book or having long talks with loved ones, while soft snow is falling outside. To have this experience, you can think ahead and book a cozy bungalow in a holiday park, and here are a few options for you to choose from:

Vallée les Etoiles

Vallée Les Etoiles is located in the Belgian Ardennes on the sunny southern slope above the river Meuse. The park has a surface of 28 hectares and each luxurious chalet offers plenty of space and privacy. From the veranda you can peacefully enjoy the Meuse valley. There is a staircase leading down to the river Meuse and to the jetty for the river cruise. The cozy wooden chalets are built in the Norwegian style and this fact is also reflected in the interior. The tasteful decoration and the warm fireplaces make it possible to stay here at any time of the year. The bungalows are equipped with quality beds and offer all the necessary comfort. You can relax in the sitting area, while you can also play a game at the dining table.

Bungalows with available fireplaces:

  • La Lune and La Lune Comfort (6-person)
  • Etoile (1-person)
  • Le Soleil and Le Soleil Comfort (4-person)
  • La Terre (6+2-person)

Domaine de la Sapinière

Holiday park la Sapinière, also called Domaine de la Sapinière, is the ideal destination for a holiday in Luxembourg. The holiday park is located at an altitude of 500m at the foothills of the Ardennes, close to the picturesque towns of Clervaux and Vianden. Experience the wonderful nature that Luxembourg has to offer, combined with the many beautiful castles and bustling little villages.

Bungalows with available fireplaces:

  • Sapinière Type F08 Plus (8-person)
  • Sapinière Type F06 Luxe (6-person)
  • Sapinière Type F06 (6-person)
  • Sapinière Type F08 (8-person)
  • Sapinière Type F16 (16-person)

Grafschaft Bentheim

Grafschaft Bentheim, surrounded by rolling hills with fields, woods, rivers and windmills is truly an ideal place to relax. This German holiday park is located just a few kilometers from the Dutch border and it’s especially suitable for families with young children and hiking and biking enthusiasts. An indoor and an outdoor pool are just 2,5km from the park, depending on the weather 1 of them will be open. The cozy bungalows are all detached and offer a garden and furnished terrace for you to enjoy. The kids will love the playground with air cushion, swings and table tennis. You can sit back and relax with a cold beer on the terrace of the restaurant and keep an eye on them at the same time.

Bungalows with available fireplace:

  • Bungalow Estate 12p (12-person)
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