Experience the top water related adventures in Zeeland!

Our bodies are 60% water, so maybe this is why we are so attracted to everything related to this element. The first 9 months of our lives is spent gently levitating in water, drifting through space and time, in calmness and warmth. This is what we are always aspiring towards during our lifetimes, trying to reconnect with the very thing that made life possible on planet earth.

Zeeland is the least populated region of The Netherlands, consisting of many interesting islands and peninsulas, surrounded by the ocean. It is such an ancient place, that the people living here even had their own goddess, called Nehalennia, before the Celtic, Germanic and Roman influences. Her name means “close to the sea”, so this is where our adventure starts!

The Zeeland region obviously offers an entire array of water related adventures and experiences, everything from easy day trips to entire sports built around the idea of sea and water. Here are 8 ideas to get you connected to the sea, because our hearts are made of water, salt and seaweed:

1. Sailing in Zeeland – The traditional way of getting around

Before all the bridges and roads were built, the best way for getting around in the region was by boat, and to be honest, it still is. Experience the easy breezes of the sea, on your own boat, or by renting one. You can even hop on a ferry and see the world in sky blue and… seawater blue! Ferries operate for example in the following routes: Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Beveland, Zeeland-Flanders and Walcheren, and Zuid-Beveland and Tholen. There is something here for everyone, families are able to book excursion cruises and experience first - hand the flora and most importantly fauna of the region. Seal safaris are in high demand, seeing the animals outside of zoos and other establishments is a treasure in itself!

2. Swimming – Pick a beach and relax

Get your perfect picnic bag and fill it with all the luxuries summer has to offer. Add a few cold drinks for your entire family and prepare sandwiches made from the best fresh materials. Throw in a set of swimming suits and fluffy towels and you are good to go! If you decide to stay in a holiday park, Hof van Zeeland is actually perfectly placed right in the middle of the region, so getting to any of the best beaches will take you around 20-30 minutes by car. Take a walk on the seaside, enjoy the crisp and salty air, let your whole body get detoxified in a matter of minutes. Dip your toe into the fresh water and enjoy a perfectly balanced family afternoon on the scantly populated, beautiful and typical Dutch beaches. Here are just a few examples for the sea-lovers out there: Berkenbosch, Oostkapelle; Breezand, Vrouwenpolder; De Hoge Hilt, Zoutelande; Nollestrand, Vlissingen.

3. Wind Surfing – Learn to read the wind

The Het Veerse Meer and Grevelingen are prime examples for lagoons frequented for the very purpose of wind surfing, a colorful watersport perfect for anyone with high energy and a taste for a little bit of adventure. If you don’t have gear or would just simply like to see if the sport fits you, the surf centers in these lagoons are there to help. You can get classes, rent and buy gear, and maybe this is where you will fall in love with the power of wind and water combined.

4. Waterskiing and Wakeboarding – Almost like walking on water

Waterskiing and Wakeboarding go together with Zeeland like salt and pepper and peanut butter and jelly. These natural partners have a lot to offer anyone who would like to master watersports and has a taste for getting a little bit wet, murky and salty! Wakeboarding is basically like snowboarding on water, while being pulled along by secure strings. Waterskiing works on the same principles, but you are equipped with skis instead of a board.

5. Fishing – A calm sport for those with patience

By staying at Hof van Zeeland vacation park, you and your entire entourage (family, friends, pets etc.) will get prime access to a beautiful pond, the Stelleplas, the natural habitat of carp, bream, zander and eel. Night fishing is also an option, and many houses of this holiday site are located exactly next to the water so basically you will be able to fish from your comfortable backyard, a dream come true. You do need a fishing permit, if you take care of this, the park will take care of the rest for you! Easy-breezy!

6. Diving and snorkeling – Discover the treasures of the deep

After you have mastered the world above the waterline, maybe it will be time to dive a little bit deeper and see what the sea has in store for you! Next to the usual, exuberant world of fish and dreamlike scenes, the region is actually famous for its shipwrecks. Now we can’t promise you that the Flying Dutchman is waiting for you in the depths of the water, but one thing is for use: Oosterschelde and Grevelingen both have their share of sunken ships, for the delight of divers from all over Europe. You can start diving by signing up to a local center, who will take care of your safety and teach you all the tricks of the trade. If you already are deep sea dweller, well great, find some more shipwrecks for everyone to enjoy!

7. Visit Middelburg, the capital of the province

Middelburg, the capital city of the entire region of Zeeland, offers you a mix of everything you might enjoy during a day-visit to a dreamy small town by the sea: a complex history, an architecture which is representative to the region, great local food and there is a twist in the story: this town is regarded as one of the most important centers of lens crafting in the golden age of Dutch science and technology. Middleburg can be credited with the invention of the microscope and telescope. This is basically the place to be if you would like to venture a little bit further into the ideas and spirit of what makes this entire region so special. Don’t miss out on the former city hall, the Londense Kaai, the Molen de Hoop, The Abbey and the local cuisine and beers!

8. Discovering maritime Zeeland – A museum tour

After experiencing Zeeland in person, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to do this on a historical level as well. This can be done with your entire family, by taking a daytrip to Vlissingen, and throwing yourself into the wonders of the famous Zeeuws Maritime MuZEEum (only a 20-minute ride from Hof van Zeeland holiday park). Here you will get access to such exceptional information as objects from the Dutch East India Company ships, historical artifacts and art from the region (tools, equipment, portraits, ship models etc.). The museum offers a true insight into what the region represents, how it evolved and what the maritime region meant throughout the ages and what it means in a modern context. Teach yourself and your children about the past, present and future.

One of the best ways to live the Zeeland lifestyle is by checking in to a holiday park, which offers you security, freedom and great housing! Hof van Zeeland is located in a center position, making everything very easy to access. The houses, built on green pastures, between healthy trees and in the vicinity of a lake, offer an entire range of possibilities: available bungalows for 4, 6, 9 people and pets, everything you might need in a home away from home and an awesome park staff always ready to help you out!

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