The benefits of a long holiday - 5 destinations worth the stay

When has it been the last time you truly have spent time away from your workplace or your day to day life? You might be in need of a long vacation, even if you have had smaller breaks speckled along the year. If you decide to truly let loose and stay for a few weeks in a healthy, natural environment, you will reap even greater benefits, and reset your entire body and soul.

How a long vacation, or the lack thereof, affects you mentally

There is such a large number of people, who don’t take their allotted vacation time because of various reasons like large workloads, which if you think about it, is truly a bad cycle. Not taking enough time for yourself results in stress which affects your day to day and professional life as well. Stress is the biggest productivity killer, potentially leading to low morale. By now, the effects of stress on the body are probably very well known: it lowers your immunity, gives you poor digestion, you can become irritable and stressed, have memory problems and it can affect your ability of making decisions. Planned, long vacations have the ability to relieve these effectively offering long-term solutions.

The physical benefits of longer holidays

Our bodies have been made to endure short-term stress, so longer exposure to it has many side-effects. But there is no need to worry, taking time for yourself also brings along many benefits, such as: Lower risk of heart disease High energy levels Healthy skin Quality sleep Low cortisol levels Digestive health Reduced muscle tension Now that we have established that longer vacations equal a better life, here are 5 destinations which are ideal for a long stay!

Vallée les Etoiles

This park truly embraces the long-stay mentality, offering everything you and your family may need for a longer vacation. The chalets are cozy but extremely comfortable and with ample space for everyone, this way you will never feel crammed up. The fireplaces offer a certain aura for the houses, almost beckoning for the inhabitants to sit in front of them and drink a mug of hot cocoa. Being situated in the middle of The Ardennes, guests staying for longer periods will reap the benefits of this wild natural environment, the fresh air and all the possibilities for hiking in the region. This is not the place anyone can get bored. Staying for longer gives you the opportunity to pace everything better, leaving you enough time to take walks, read a great book next to the fireplace, discover the surrounding castles and historical monuments and even try out all the local beers and food!

Bergvliet Villa’s

The houses in the Bergvliet park are situated in a forest area, between trees and natural beauty. Their design and esthetic matches this perfectly, created with the utmost care to fit in perfectly with the backdrop. This creates a presence which makes guests calm, serene and relaxed, the perfect trio for a refreshing holiday. The interior of the bungalows is absolutely astounding, with large glass panels instead of walls and a tasteful, modern décor, without clutter, which eases anyone’s mind as soon as they settle in. Besides this, the park offers a vast array of activities, all aiming to give a real experience instead of just snippets and short-lived fun: a golf course takes care of your sports and meditative needs, a spa center focuses on your soul and body, a wonderful restaurant awaits with great food. Guests can enjoy the surrounding area just as much, with the Burgundian city of Breda just 15 minutes away for example.

Les Terrasses d'Eos

Flaine is a famous ski resort in the French Alps, known not only by winter sports enthusiasts but also by art lovers. It has monumental outdoor sculptures by artists like Pablo Picasso, and for Bauhaus inspired buildings, many of which to this day serve as accommodation. Les Terrasses d'Eos offers everything a winter holiday lover might want or need. It is composed out of two large stone and wood-clad chalets. It blends perfectly into the surrounding area, with a contemporary style mixed with traditional architecture. It comes with a fitness room, a heated outdoor pool, an indoor jacuzzi with a panoramic view, a sauna and a hammam. There are plenty of activities to try out during a longer stay, such as dog-sledding, skiing, snowboarding, an artificial climbing wall, a golf course, art and culture. With such a pedigree, who wouldn’t want to stay longer?

Liguria - Casa Marisa

Casa Marisa is situated in Pompeiana, Liguria in Italy, a very small commune in the province of Imperia. It only has a population of around 850 residents, and you know what? This is perfect! It is always smart to aim for places where the tourists are scarce, but the large attractions are nearby. For example, living in the middle of Cinque Terre might seem like a great idea, until you find yourself part of the constant flow of tourists. It is great for a short amount of time, but if you would like to take a real vacation, you have to aim for something with less of a traffic. This accommodation is ideal for that, you can wake up everyday to the view of the sea, the small medieval village is surrounded by olive gardens and flowers. Horseback riding, walking and cycling are also on the long vacation menu, next to the obvious one: spending time on the seaside, sunbathing and swimming. The apartment is spacious, with enough space for 5 adults and a child. Visit, stay for a while and discover the surrounding area!


Liguria - L'angolo del Mare

Another gorgeous apartment in Pompeiana is L’angolo del Mare. This is a gorgeous, renovated rural house. It sits on a large, extensive property, magnificently looking over the sunny south. It is suitable for 5 adults and a child and besides the usual activities, we have one more trick for you for any long vacation you might take: live like a local! Living like a local means just that, asking around to learn about the beaches the locals frequent, going to the same markets they do and buying the same local delicacies. Cook like them, rest like them (a nap in the middle of a hot day really is a great idea, so siesta time really is great to include in your day) and experience life through their eyes. By doing this, you will truly get into a very different pace compared to your own life and learn a brand-new viewpoint, which is kind of the point of taking a vacation.

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