New Year’s Resolutions – Dream Vacations for the New Year

Why do we make New Year's Resolutions? Usually we enjoy looking back at the past year to see what we managed to achieve, where we stand with our lives and what goals are yet to be reached. But this is even better if we set ideas and goals right at the start of the new year, giving ourselves ample time (12 months to be exact) to make these dreams come true.

The most common resolutions are: losing weight, reading more books, quitting bad habits, traveling more, etc. The trick is to think big and act in small steps, so in order for a New Year's resolution to stick, it might be a good idea to follow some of these ideas:

  • Mentally prepare for the upcoming change
  • Setting motivational goals
  • Limiting resolutions to be manageable
  • Sharing your resolutions with others
  • Regularly reviewing your resolutions
  • Not getting discouraged if you fall of track

One of the most manageable resolutions is that of traveling more and spending more time with your family while on vacation. Somehow booking a holiday offers people such a nice jolt of serotonin (happiness hormone) and the levels of excitement and joy only grow exponentially right up until the date of the holiday, when it all finally peaks and the enjoyment escalates due to the vacation itself. So basically, booking more vacations and spending more time relaxing are one of the best choices for a New Year's Resolution. Not only does it entail less stress, but it is also one of those choices which will offer you the highest turnover in terms of happiness and being content. Here are few of the best choices for a long vacation, which you can book immediately after deciding on traveling more in the years to come:

Bergvliet Villas – „This year I will relax more and pick up golfing”

Set in Oosterhout, 33 kms from Tilburg, Landgoes Bergvliet is the place to be for anyone who would like to kick back, relax in the palm of nature and experience an entirely new and different type of a holiday park.Step out into the chilly air right at the stroke of midnight on the 31st of January and imagine this: a cozy bungalow with large windows and so much natural light. A wonderful golf course on green pastures and a SPA center you will be singing odes about, and wanting to go back to every single year. Sounds good? If this is what your heart desires, Bergvliet Villas is the perfect spot to make your New Year's Resolution into reality.

Holiday Parks in Tuscany - “This year, I will live like a local”

Can you hear that sound? It is Tuscany calling for you. It is the sound of a 1000 Prosecco glasses clinking in harmony, the ever present whisper of the Tuscan hills repeating your name and the waves of the sea slowly lulling you into the deepest sleep you have ever experienced. It is the taste of pesto, it is the smell of gnocchi, the best you have ever eaten and long walks on the promenade. It is the feeling of really trying out how a daily siesta feels, and hiding away in the shade when the sun gets too hot. It is the taste of an ice cream from Florence. Get out there during this New Year's Eve and wish upon the lights, wish for a Tuscan dream, a transformative experience. 

Holiday Parks in Italy - “This year, I will find a place I have never been to and visit!”

So many holiday parks, so many choices, so little time... When you arrive to this conclusion, there is just one thing left to do: find a place you have never ever been to! Have you ever visited Emilia Romagna? It is the best place to try out true Italian cuisine and have a peaceful vacation. Is Cinque Terre one of your top dream destinations? It's time to see it for yourself and dip your toes into the wild sees under the rocks. Are you more of a lake person? Visit Lake Idro and hop on over to Venice for a day trip, experience something new everyday and live life to the fullest. 

This has been a year of dreams wishes and contemplation. Next year will be a year of acting, living and true self-care. Be sure to make yourself happy and it will reflect on your entire family and loved ones. Happy New Year and happy vacationing, see you all on the other side!

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