Travel this Spring with your Pet – Useful tips and top destinations

Travelling with your pet has many benefits, such as bonding and learning how to go trekking together, starting a healthier lifestyle this way. It can also help with your mental health, offering a kind of safety blanket in unforeseen situations while on vacation and it’s always a great thing when the entire family is present during a holiday, even the four-legged members! Before getting into the “where” and talking about some awesome places for you and your pet, it’s important to mention a few “hows”, as in how to prepare for such a vacation with the safety of your little buddy in mind.

Confirm upon booking that you will be travelling with your pet:

Sure, the apartment or holiday park of your dreams offers the option of bringing your little friend along, but either you have to mention in writing that you will be opting for the option or you will have to call the place to make sure your room actually will be pet-friendly. This doesn’t happen because these places don’t pay attention – it is important because most of them have a limited number of pet-safe and pet-friendly options and making sure these are actually available is important.

Bring along your pet’s medical records – even if you are travelling inland.

We all know how it goes. If you are fully prepared, usually nothing ever happens, sailings are smooth, and you won’t ever be surprised. This is exactly why you should always have your pet’s medical records and list of vaccinations on hand.

Get the right travel items.

When packing for animals, always add something which reminds your pet of home, such as blankets, beds, and toys. If your furry friend is comfortable in a crate or carrier – even better, because it will also serve as a cozy spot at your holiday home and will most definitely represent safety for them. Here is a full list of everything you might need:

  • Dog food and water
  • Collapsible bowls
  • Toys
  • A bed
  • Flea and tick medicine
  • Medical records and travel documents
  • Pet carrier
  • Leash and harness
  • Wet wipes
  • Disinfectant spray

Be mindful of your pet’s schedule.

Crazy feeding patterns are a huge no-no. Animals take comfort in schedule so even if you are on holiday with them, try sticking to the same feeding times you would be using at home. Dogs especially are creatures of habit and enjoy their daily routines. Don’t overcompensate by feeding them too much before a long journey, an easy and light meal can even help prevent nausea – it works on the same principle as it does for humans.

Top rated destinations for you and your pet

Now that we have the basics, it is time to focus on the most fun part – where to go and what to do with your pet during this year’s spring holiday. There is one obvious answer for this: holiday parks. These are ideal in so many ways because of the space and natural environment they offer, which can’t be compared to anything in a hotel for example. Popular belief has it, that these vacation spots are far from towns and hard to get to but nothing can be more untrue than this. The top parks (and the ones featured here as well) were designed from the start to be very close to the most interesting cultural and touristic hotspots but just far enough to offer privacy and an introduction to nature and a calm atmosphere.

Les Etoiles – The wilderness calls

Located in Blaimont, Belgium, this park offers so much for pets and owners alike! As it is located right near The Ardennes region, it is the perfect place to go on long walks with your dog and discover one of the most beautiful forests in Europe. Your puppy will most definitely enjoy a daily schedule of walking around in nature, playing in the park and taking long naps under the warm sun right on the porch of your cozy bungalow. As you arrive to this very special park, you will learn fast enough that your four legged best friend is truly welcome: treats will be waiting for him in the holiday home and everything in the surrounding nature will be calling for you to go and explore together. Once you are out trekking and drinking in the beauty of nature, you won’t have to worry about finding a dog-friendly place for you to enjoy a cop of coffee or a refreshing drink, because most places in The Ardennes are pro-animal and are fully prepared to host your entire family – including your furry best friend!

La Sapinière - Roam free between castles and nature

Located in Hosingen, this park enchants with its comfortable bungalows and magical location – set right next to The Ardennes and between the famous castle region of Luxemburg. If you are looking for a fun spring holiday with your family – including your pet – this park is a prime location to start the adventure of your lifetime. There are several routes starting directly at the holiday park, so get your dog on a leash, put on your hiking boots and walk from the comfort of the park straight into nature. Let your pup see what nature is truly like, let him get acquainted with the new smells and enchanted by the wilderness. La Sapinière, as well as the surrounding restaurants and caffes is fully prepared to host you and your animal friend. Besides the walking tours and easy or challenging hiking trails, there are also some castles which accept dogs and their owners and let them roam around at the highly preserved historical sites. The entire Müllerthal region, also known as Little Switzelrand, is dog friendly. It is one of the most famous nature reserves in Luxembourg, with the picturesque Schiessentümpel waterfall. Rocks, forests, nature, castles and villages – all of these magnificent sites await, all of them ready to be discovered by humans and their animal companions alike!

Bergvliet Villas – Luxury, with a love for animals!

Located in the middle of the Bergvlietse Bossen, it is a beautiful park which offers so much to do for everyone in the group – including your dog! While the humans enjoy an 18-hole golf course or cool off in a brand new, luxury wellness center (Spa One), dogs can relax in the comfortable, sunny villas. From your holiday home, you and your dog can actually walk straight into nature: the forests around Oosterhout are a beautiful walking area, with surprising landscapes and cultural attractions. The Oosterhout region is highly pet-friendly, besides the forests and natural parks in the vicinity, there are many restaurants and cafes which offer a comfortable option for dogs and owners alike.

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