Enjoyable travels with your toddler: how to make that happen

Traveling with children can be a daunting "task", and traveling with toddlers even more so. There are many things to think of in order to not end up with a screaming kid on your hands while carrying what seems to be all the luggage in the world and being in a hurry at the same time.

Kids can be great travel buddies, and besides, if you choose a child-friendly location you guys can have a lot of fun together. Here's a few things to consider thus when traveling with your little ones:

1. Don't be in a hurry

Keep in mind that the world is for the most part still a great mystery to the little ones, so they will wish to explore it. They won't care too much about schedules, so make sure you are ready for stalling, for toilet stops, for all sorts of other "necessities" like these. You are more likely to keep calm this way and enjoy the trip.

2. Keep them busy with a camera

If they have their own camera then they will be busier focusing on what they like, while at the same time feeling important. It's a great hack.

3. Keep it clean and bug-free

Having some hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes on you can go a long way in preventing your child from catching even the most common bugs. Make sure you have them on you at all times.

4. Take a “first aid” kit along

Besides some easy-to-swallow medicine your first aid kit should also contain antiseptic wipes and plasters, as well as sting treatment and a thermometer.

5. Keep track of them kids

If you end up in places that are very crowded, it's best if you "brand" your child. You can either get a child locator that has a unit strapped to the little one while you hold the transmitter, or you can write your phone number on the child's arm for in case they get lost.

6. Choose the right "gear"

Many parents that travel with toddlers are faced with choices of what to carry their baby in: a sling, a baby carriage or maybe a stroller. Of course, this can also depend on where you go and what your child is used to, but pretty much at all times a light stroller will not fail you. It's easy to carry, it can be great for naps too, you can put blankets in it and it can have a rain cover too.

7. Snacks and entertainment

During the trip, whether you travel by plane or by car, you will need snacks and entertainment for the kids. Try not to take too many sweets, or even at all. A coloring book is always good to have and besides, any apps and games that may entertain the little ones will be of great use.

8. Research your location

If you do so, you'll know better what to pack, and you will be more prepared on what sort of activities you can engage your little ones in. Traveling should be fun in the first place. Explain the trip to your kids, so that they don't get surprised by every little happening and make a huge deal out of it too when it's not the case (i.e. traveling by plane).

9. Choose your accommodation wisely

If you choose a child-friendly holiday home your vacation can be infinitely more enjoyable. Make sure there are plenty of activities to be enjoyed with the little ones. If there is a pool then it's even better. Keep in mind that some family holiday parks even organize activities for children. Do your research ahead and you'll have a fantastic time... all of you.

10. Stay longer in one place

It will be less exhausting as there will be less traveling and moving around. Besides, this way it's easier to go at a slower pace, and you don't have to plan every moment, you actually get to enjoy your time off.

With some careful consideration, traveling with children can turn out to be a really fun adventure. Book your family holiday in plenty of time, so you save money and you make sure you don't have to wait around too much anywhere. Traveling can be a very educational experience as well... for all parties involved.

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