Tips on how to travel with a pet

Traveling with your pet can be a lot of fun. It's surely better than constantly thinking of the sad little eyes of the "left at home" Fluffy. Yet in order to not completely turn gray during a holiday with your dog, you must plan ahead and be very well informed regarding many aspects. Here's a few tips on that:

Crating your pooch is necessary and beneficial to all

Many think that crating their pet is "an act of cruelty". Well, it's not. Don't project your feelings onto your dog, many dogs actually feel more comfortable in a crate. Plus, it's definitely safer to travel this way, for both you and your pet. Imagine how things could turn out otherwise, even at just a short stop. You don't want to see your pet turning into a projectile now, don't you?

What you should do though is make sure there is nothing in the crate that can harm the pet and also, make sure he or she gets plenty of exercise before they get in the crate. It will help them relax.

In speaking of getting inside the crate, it's not a "push them in there when they're not looking" thing. Let your pet explore the crate, settle in comfortable, and then close the door. Definitely don't get all dramatic on the poor pooch, it's really not the case. Walk away in a good mood, like the crate is "his/her castle" not a federal prison for pets. Maybe come back if you get the chance in less than half an hour, just to set your pet at ease.

Make sure Fluffy is healthy

Before leaving on a trip, take your pet to a vet and have him or her checked out. It's important that Fluffy has all the vaccinations in order, and take the shots records with you as well. If your pet is sensitive about the food he or she consumes, the water he/she drinks, you can bring your own supply from home. This way you make sure that you don't get them too much out of their feasting routine.

Driving or flying with Rover

If you travel by car on your holiday with your pet, crating your pooch is a great idea, as we said. What's though not that great of an idea is feeding your pet too much before the trip. That can cause discomfort you don't want to deal with. For that matter, don't feed your pet during the trip either. Take a break on the road when you get the chance and give your Fluffy the opportunity to move around a little, and maybe then give them a little snack, one that is preferably high in protein.

If you travel by plane, you should gather all the information you can before your trip. Many airlines have specific rules and require specific documentation for traveling with pets, so it's best if you know all that in advance. Also, it's more comfortable if your pet is already crated when you get to the airport, so you don't have to try to squeeze him/her in there in the chaos of the airport. Don't feed your pet with at least a few hours before the trip, but do make sure they have access to water. Taking his or her favorite chew toy or blanket along with you may set your little darling at ease.

When you reach your destination...

It goes without saying that you have to look for a pet friendly holiday home when you plan a vacation with your pet. When you reach your destination and get inside your accommodation, tell your pet to sit in one place. Don't let them roam around the room or the house as soon as you get in. You do that first, so like that your scent is everywhere around. Don't lose your calm if your pet is a little agitated, it's normal. After all, it's a new place, with new people, new distractions, etc. Take your pet for a walk when you reach your holiday accommodation, set him or her at ease and make them comfortable with the new environment.

Watch your pet

Keep in mind that you are not home anymore, so you need to pay more attention to what your pet is doing. To him/her everything is new, there are a lot of new sights and smells, sounds and so on. Even more so, these distractions exist during the holidays. Make sure you keep an eye on your precious so he/she doesn't fall into the temptation of snout-level treats that can harm him/her or even more so, get lost.

Fun activities with your pet

There are many places that are dog-friendly, so you won't have a problem in finding a holiday destination with your pet. From a holiday home in the Italian Dolomites, or a holiday park in Zeeland, from hiking in Germany's Black Forest to wandering among the Spanish countryside, there are so many ways of relaxing and having fun with your dog. There are also plenty of dog-friendly beaches in Europe, so you can plan a summer vacation and take your pet along too. Plan your next road trip with the entire family, you won't be sorry!

Traveling with your pet is not a science per se, but it does require some careful planning. Otherwise, you're pretty much stuck with a restless Fluffy on your hands, that will test your patience and have you wonder what in the world possessed you to go on a vacation in the first place. Make the best of traveling with a pet by renting a pet-friendly accommodation in plenty of time, to make sure everything is in order regarding your stay. There are many places that are dog-friendly, and many activities you can enjoy with Rover. Get ready for a new adventure and let us know how it went!

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