Spooky and Spectacular: Halloween Traditions Around Europe

Halloween, a holiday with Celtic origins, has taken on a life of its own in Europe, with each country putting its own unique spin on the celebration.

In this blog post, we'll take a thrilling journey through Germany, The Netherlands, France and Belgium, to explore how these countries celebrate Halloween in their own distinctive ways and what fun activities you will be able to plan during this very spooky but highly spectacular season.

Germany: the Land of Pumpkin Festivals

In Germany, there is actually a traditional holiday called Walpurgisnacht, which occurs on the night of April 30th. During this night, people light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off witches. Additionally, Germany has embraced the pumpkin carving tradition, with pumpkin festivals and contests being held throughout the country in October. The city of Ludwigsburg is particularly famous for its impressive pumpkin displays, attracting visitors from near and far.

While the Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival isn't directly associated with Halloween, its primary focus is on embracing the spirit of autumn. However, if you're looking for enormous winter squashes and a wide array of pumpkin-themed events, then this is the place to be. Situated close to Stuttgart, it stands as the largest pumpkin exhibition in the world, showcasing pumpkin carving demonstrations, and a delightful selection of seasonal cuisine. The festival typically runs from late August through the beginning of December.

Amusement parks in Germany, such as Europapark, offer special Halloween events from October to November. During this time, the parks get transformed with spooky decorations and release vampires and goblins, creating a haunting atmosphere.

The Netherlands: Sint Maarten's Day

In the Netherlands, Halloween is celebrated with a twist. Instead of the spooky atmosphere often associated with the holiday, the Dutch celebrate Sint Maarten's Day on November 11th. Children go door-to-door carrying lanterns, singing songs, and asking for sweets. It's a charming tradition that blends elements of Halloween with the Dutch culture of giving.

Originating within the Catholic Church in France, this celebration gained popularity and spread throughout Europe. It serves as a tribute to St. Martin and was historically associated with a festive feast. Traditionally, it also signaled the transition from autumn to winter, coinciding with the annual harvest. In the Netherlands, this festival has been observed for centuries. Typically, the day commences with a mass, and until the early 20th century, it was commonly referred to as a "beggars' holiday."

In modern times, Sint-Maarten has lost some of its former popularity, and many families no longer partake in its observance. Nonetheless, the festival continues to hold significance in certain parts of the Netherlands, particularly in the provinces of Limburg and North Holland.

On the other hand, in the Netherlands, people indeed make an effort to mark October 31st by donning costumes, enjoying a night out with friends, or arranging Halloween-themed gatherings at their homes. These gatherings typically feature spooky movies, hauntingly captivating music, and some deliciously frightening snacks.

In Limburg, the open-air museum known as Bokrijk undergoes a spooky transformation during Halloween. The museum's picturesque park, featuring traditional Flemish buildings, serves as the backdrop for spine-chilling storytelling, eerie crafts, and thrilling activities suitable for all age groups.

The Hoge Kempen National Park is an extensive and stunning natural sanctuary renowned for its expansive heathlands, dense woodlands, and distinctive scenery. As Halloween approaches, the park hosts a unique event called the Halloween Hike, guiding participants on a chilling expedition through the mysterious forests and dimly lit trails. This Halloween hike delivers an exceptional fusion of outdoor adventure and spine-tingling thrills in the midst of nature's beauty.

Moreover, for those looking to create a Halloween-themed family event with a twist, many holiday parks also offer special Halloween activities and decorations, making it a perfect destination for families to enjoy a spooktacular holiday experience. Parc Maasresidence Thorn offers homes for every taste and you never know what the team there will be cooking up at any given moment when it comes to holidays and celebrations!

France: La Toussaint and La Fête d'Halloween

France combines its own traditions with Halloween festivities. On November 1st, the French celebrate La Toussaint, or All Saints' Day, by visiting cemeteries and honoring their deceased loved ones. Halloween, or La Fête d'Halloween, is also gaining popularity among the younger generation, with costume parties and trick-or-treating becoming more common in recent years.

In the past, November 1st was recognized as Samhain, later referred to as the "Celtic New Year." This pagan observance marked the commencement of the year and the onset of the dark season, kicking off a week of celebrations.

The initial recognition of Toussaint, or All Saints' Day, on November 1st, may be attributed to Pope Gregory III. Nonetheless, it was Pope Gregory IV who, in 835, issued an official decree mandating that all Christians commemorate Toussaint on the 1st of November.

The adoption of Halloween was a gradual process until the 1990s when there was a noticeable increase in enthusiasm for celebrating this holiday. To get into the gory atmosphere of Halloween, the catacombs of Paris are definitely one of the most real tourist attractions, although not the best fit for families but couples and friend groups tend to enjoy it a lot.

For families in France, a fantastic suggestion is to visit Disneyland. The park recently announced on its social media platforms that the Disney Halloween Festival will make a comeback from October 1 to November 5, 2023. This means that those who adore fun will have the opportunity to enjoy The Mischief Makers, Villainous Masters, and Mysterious Hosts, who have undertaken the task of creating the spookiest and most enjoyable Halloween celebration.

Belgium: Halloween with a Spooky Twist

In Belgium, Halloween takes place every year on October 31st. While it's not an official holiday, it's a festive and enjoyable event that precedes the more solemn All Saints and All Souls Days at the beginning of November.

But Halloween has gained popularity, especially among the younger crowd. The country's historic buildings and dark forests provide the perfect backdrop for spooky celebrations.

For example, during the month of October, the picturesque city of Ghent undergoes a captivating and eerie transformation, becoming a Halloween wonderland.

The Ghent Halloween Festival offers a range of spooky activities, including ghost tours and creepy costume parades, suitable for both children and adults. The city's exquisite medieval architecture enhances the overall mystique of the experience. It’s also a great idea to explore the enchanting medieval Gravensteen Castle in Ghent.

Embark on a haunted stroll through the woods and come face to face with ghosts, witches, and other enigmatic beings. Bokrijk's Halloween festivities guarantee a day filled with family-friendly thrills and delights.

The Caves of Han offer a haunting and unforgettable Halloween experience. As night descends, dare to explore the depths of the subterranean maze and encounter the "Hanlloween" celebrations. Within the cave's natural formations, an otherworldly atmosphere takes shape, becoming the backdrop for eerie stories and enigmatic encounters. Nestled in the heart of the Ardennes, this Halloween event guarantees an enchanting adventure suitable for visitors of all generations.

If you choose to stay at Vallée les Etoiles holiday park, you can experience and visit all of the above, while the holiday park also offers its very own surprises and experiences during the season, related to autumn activities and Halloween.


Halloween in Europe is a fascinating blend of ancient traditions and modern celebrations. While the customs may vary from country to country, the spirit of fun and togetherness is universal. Whether it's warding off witches in Germany, singing for sweets in The Netherlands, or paying homage to the departed in France you will see a unique and diverse array of traditions.

So, if you're planning to experience Halloween like never before, consider taking a spooky tour through the heart of Europe and discover how each country adds its own twist to this beloved holiday.

Here are some helpful tips for a holiday with your family during Halloween:

  • Plan ahead: research the specific Halloween events and traditions in the countries you plan to visit.
  • Check if there are any special festivals, parades, or events happening during your stay.
  • Local cuisine: sample the local autumnal dishes and treats. In many European countries, you'll find special desserts, candies and drinks. In Germany, for example, indulge in delicious pumpkin-themed treats, and in Belgium, savor chocolates with sumptuous fillings.
  • Experience the local traditions: immerse yourself in the local traditions. If you're in Germany, don't miss out on the Walpurgisnacht celebrations. In France, pay a visit to a local cemetery during La Toussaint. embracing these customs can provide a deeper understanding of the local culture.
  • Respect Local Customs: remember that this night is celebrated differently in each country. Be respectful of the local traditions and customs, even if they differ from what you're used to.
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