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One of the prime tourist destinations in Europe, Greece is a country of great historical attractions, of infinite cultural venues and ancient archaeological sites. Numerous islands and sandy beaches complete the scene... Read more

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One of the prime tourist destinations in Europe, Greece is a country of great historical attractions, of infinite cultural venues and ancient archaeological sites. Numerous islands and sandy beaches complete the scene, a balmy Mediterranean climate invites people to explore the country's beauties on a last minute holiday in Greece at any time of the year.

A holiday with historical attractions

The place of ancient Gods stands up to its name, a holiday home in Greece will reveal to you some most astounding historical attractions. The symbol of Athens, the Acropolis, is a rocky mound that hosts three temples dating back to the 5th century BC, and the Acropolis Museum, is one of the most visited attractions in the city. At Mount Parnassus, the ancient sacred site of Delphi is a must see, as well as the nearby Archaeological Museum. In the Thessaly Plain you find the renowned Meteora Monasteries, high up on steep cliffs. Zagorohoria and the Ancient Ruins of Kassope and Nikopolis in the Pindus Mountains are also very impressive. Nafplio is often cited as the most beautiful city in the country, being guarded by the almighty Palamidi Fortress. A must see when on holiday in Greece.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Greece

Both the mainland and the islands of this country portray a most beautiful culture dotted with unique traditions. Greece hosts more than 100 archaeological museums, such as the Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum in Athens and the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum. There are 25 Byzantine and post-Byzantine museums, such as the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens, the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Collection in Chania, Crete, the Crypt of Agios Dimitrios in Thessaloniki. More than 50 historical and folk museums are also to be found here, like the Museum of Greek Folk Art in Athens, the ‘Kostas Frontzos’ Folk Art Museum of Epirus, and many others. There are numerous festivals that celebrate the joy of living in many facets in Greece, such as the Thessaloniki International Film Festival, the Megaro Gyzi Festival in Santorini and others.

Cities and regions to explore when on holiday in Greece

Greece is a country of great influence, it has had an effect on the western civilization more than any other country. The Ionian Islands to the west of the country, comprised of Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia and Zakinthos are greener than others and have great sandy beaches. Epirus in the north-west is the least populated area, with an impressive mountain range and the deepest gorge in the world, the Vikos gorge. The Peloponnese in the south has a mountainous and forested center, perfect for outdoor activities. Attica is in the East side of Greece, a holiday home in Attica takes you to Athens, the capital. Cultural and historical venues and great beaches are to be found here. Central Greece and Thessaly has an amazing countryside, and the Arachova town, great for skiing in winter. The Meteora monasteries and the Thermopylae, where the 300 Spartans fought the Persians are also found in this area. Macedonis in the north-east is home to Mount Athos, the resort of Halkidiki and Thessaloniki. Crete is the largest island of Greece, Santorini and Mykonos are part of the Cyclades. The Dodecanese is a group of twelve islands, including Rhodes and Kos, the Sporades include Skiathos, off the coast of east central Greece. Then you also have the Islands of the North Aegean. Enjoy the adventure of exploring Greece!

Wellness and spa on holiday in Greece

Greece is one of the richest countries in the world in matters of spas, there are fourteen hydro-therapeutic centers, and thalassotherapy is used for relaxation, revitalisation, healing and recreation. Try the mineral natural springs at Loutraki, near Korinthos Peloponnese; the Edipsos, on the northen coast of Evia; Kythnos, Cyclades Islands and others.

Greece by season

Greece is a year round destination, it has four seasons and a mildly temperate weather. The snow falls in the mountains mostly in winter, and the summer months are typically very hot. A holiday home for the May holiday in Greece for example will have you admiring the beautiful species of plants in Zakynthos, the mushroom area of Grevená, the botanical paradise of Lesvos. In summer the beach and the sea are your best friends, in fall you can go on exploring the mainland and the countryside, in winter skiing in Arachova is a blast. Greece? Anytime.

Activities and sports

Greece? We all know it: the birthplace of the Olympic Games. From a holiday villa in Greece you can set off to enjoy a wide array of activities, from water sports such as diving, snorkeling, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, etc. on the Greek islands to skiing in winter, in the Olympus Ski Resort, in Tymphristos; snowboarding, sledging in resorts of mountain Parnassos. There is rafting and canoe-kayak in Tavropos, hiking in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, or maybe try the Kilkis Paintball Park.

Summer holidays in Greece

Greece is mostly known as a perfect destination for a summer holiday. The many beaches to be found here, the clear blue sea, the water sports and the stunning views on the coast and mainland alike make this place a little corner of paradise. The islands are the most popular destinations for a summer holiday in Greece, and if we were to rank the most visited ones we would mention them in this order: Santorini, and its most romantic sunset in a volcanic landscape; Mykonos, an island of youth and fun; Kefalonia, a perfect family holiday destination in Greece; Crete, an island for adventures, that has a bit of everything on it; Rhodes, the place of romance, “the island of Knights”; Corfu, with numerous touristic resorts. What will you choose for your summer holiday in Greece this year?

Family holiday in Greece

Your family holiday in Greece will begin with a hearty welcome, your children will live here some most memorable adventures. From places where their favorite heroes such as Hercules, Xena lived, to Troy, and the place where the 300 fought, Greece offers a great load of fun for the little ones, as well as for the adults. Sunny beaches and classic ruins, delicious food and water parks, they can all be found in this country. Visit Athens and the many museums, take a ferry to Greek islands from a group accommodation in Greece, enjoy water sports with your children... be the hero of your own vacation in this country.

Dining in Greece - Enjoy your meal!

Gastronomy is an authentic cultural element in each country, and the cuisine of Greece is simply amazing. From “moussaka”, “souvlaki” and “choriatiki”, Greek salads, to the Mediterranean cuisine with seafood and fresh fish, there are delicious dishes to be tried everywhere. Try the Dolmades when on holiday in Greece, a grape leaf-wrapped rice parcel eaten as finger-food; the grilled meat; the courgette balls, a delicious starter; the feta and cheeses; the olives and olive oil; the tztziki sauce and the Greek yogurt; the honey and baklava as dessert. You'll know why you chose Greece this year.

Holiday with a pet in Greece

There are 540 dog friendly cities in Greece, thus renting a holiday home with pets allowed in Greece will not be at all problematic. Santorini, Athens, Thessaloniki, and many other places make for an ideal setting for spending time with your pet in this country. It's best to take your pet out though early in the morning or in the evening, whether you hit the beach, go to a park, garden and so on, as it is not as hot at these times of day.

Greece is a perfect jewel on Europe's crown, that's a fact. One of an incontestable value, that will always remain close to your heart.

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