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A holiday in Great Britain has much to offer. Politically Great Britain is a combination between England, Scotland and Wales. Geographically it is the largest island of the British Isles with England, Wales and Scotland, plus some smaller... Read more

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A holiday in Great Britain has much to offer. Politically Great Britain is a combination between England, Scotland and Wales. Geographically it is the largest island of the British Isles with England, Wales and Scotland, plus some smaller islands around it, such as the Isle of Wight and the Hebrides. The bustling capital city, London, is the most visited city with special museums such as the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum and the British Museum. You'll find some famous buildings during a walk here, such as the Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, also what would you think of the beautiful squares like Leicester Square or Piccadilly Circus? If you want to see everything that a city like London has to offer, one day is not enough. There are many holiday homes in London, so if you would like to explore this beautiful city, book your vacation in London!

Historical monuments

Look around you while on holiday in Britain, you will find numerous known and less known historical monuments. The Durham Cathedral is fairly well known, both its exterior and the interior. The art collection and the library are a unique combination of three styles. Stonehenge is an archaeological site with many unanswered questions still. This collection of circular stones placed in Salisbury was a cemetery and a health center, very intriguing. Hadrian's Wall is another unique piece of history. The wall was built by Hadrian as a defensive wall, and it was extended to the Antonine Wall. Now it is a popular location for tourists. The hiking over and along the wall is popular as well as visiting the forts in the area such as Birdoswald and Housesteads. These historic buildings in this landscape complement each other beautifully. In many regions you can find picturesque villages and big estates. Rent a car and start your holiday in South West England a trip along this beautiful places. In the region Yorkshire you can also find beautiful nature, so don’t forget your bike and your hiking shoes!

Nature in Britain

A holiday in Britain is an ideal opportunity to admire the natural beauty of this holiday destination as the white cliffs of Dover. As you approach the shore by boat, you will see a white coastline. The unique shape and color of the cliffs will have you discover a magnificent natural show. Discover Lake Windemere in the protected area of Lake District National Park in Cumbria. At this popular and largest lake in Great Britain, you can have fun within nature and by practicing water sports. A very different kind of nature, yet not the Oasis of Calm in the city of London. These parks are surprisingly green and tranquil despite the large population of London. Each park has its own charm, such as Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Holland Park and St James Park. When you would like to enjoy your nature holiday in Great Britain, book a holiday home in Wales, or Scotland. Every region have his own culture, and a beautiful unspoiled nature.

A holiday home in Great Britain, a great adventure with loved ones!

They say once in a lifetime at least, everyone should visit Great Britain, it is indeed one of the most spectacular countries. Besides, there are just so many opportunities for so many activities and attractions here that you are guaranteed not to be bored during a holiday in Great Britain. A walk in the Cotswolds or along the coast in South West England and Cornwall, where you can admire the Gulf Stream for example, is a fantastic way to spend your time in this country. You can find both longer and shorter routes through nature, also hiking and cycling in Northumberland means a delightful adventure through the parks and the magnificent coastline here. Think of the Northumberland coastal path or St. Oswald 's route. After all, England is a sparsely populated country with a beautiful scenery. This makes a holiday home in Great Britain the perfect base for a great outdoors adventure.

Cultural activities in Britain

Visit Glastonbury and Bath from the holiday homes in Britain. The Sommerset region is known for its myths and legends of King Arthur and Avalon. Here you will find the grave of King Arthur and Guinevere. The Rural Life Museum or the local abbey and Lake Village Museum are also quite impressive and offer a different cultural experience. The Glastonbury Tor is a sacred hill with a legendary historical value. The Well's Cathedral in Wells is old and impressive. The town of Bath is known as the most beautiful city in Sommerset. Lovers of nature, tranquility and an attractive landscape can choose a holiday in England and be sure they will have the best of times here.

Beaches in Britain

The Isle of Man is a beautiful island in Lancashire and a beautiful holiday destination. The coastline is a mix of cliffs and rocks, with beaches that are scattered here and there. In Wales you can visit some unique beaches, as on the Swansea and the Pembrokeshire coast. In Douglas, the capital of the island, there is the Manx Museum that displays the history and nature of the area. The village of Laxey is a mining town with the Great Laxey Mine Railway, a must see during your family holiday in Great Britain. Another museum is the Grove Museum of the Victorian life. The coastal town of Peel with the beautiful medieval castle of Peel is also a must see during your vacation here. Experience this welcoming island atmosphere and enjoy some time off from the every day hustle and bustle.

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