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This rather small landlocked country has gone mostly untouched during the two World Wars, thus older architecture is very much characteristic of the place. A holiday in the Czech Republic is a most charming leap in time seemingly, into an old fairytale world of “real Europe”, with various attractions. Read more

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This rather small landlocked country has gone mostly untouched during the two World Wars, thus older architecture is very much characteristic of the place. A holiday in the Czech Republic is a most charming leap in time seemingly, into an old fairytale world of “real Europe”, with various attractions.

A holiday with historical attractions

The capital of the country, Prague... there are too few praise words to even begin describing this city. It is simply unforgettable. The Prague Castle has a 1000 years old history, and is the largest in terms of area in the world. There are various buildings constructed within its walls, such as the St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George's Basilica, the Powder Tower, the Old Royal Palace and the Royal Garden, with the Singing Fountain. In the same city, the Charles Bridge dates back to 1357 and is simply fascinating. Just about 50 km from the city, you can get to the 13th century Konopiště Chateau, and about 80 km east of the capital there is the town of Kutná Hora, where there was once one of the leading silver mines on the continent. Don't miss the St. Barbara's Cathedral here, dating back to 1338. Across the country, from a last minute holiday home in the Czech Republic, there are many remains preserving locations you can visit, such as the Bone Church, the Gothic All Saints Chapel in Sedlec; the Brno Ossuary; the Schwartzenberg Tomb.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in the Czech Republic

Cathedrals and castles, museums and theaters, a holiday in the Czech Republic is never an uninspired and uninspiring choice. In Brno for example the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul will leave you dazzled, with the two 84 meters high towers. The 13th-century Špilberk Castle is also impressive here, with its Brno City Museum. Karlovy Vary is the ideal place for a wellness holiday in the Czech Republic, but also it hosts numerous art galleries, museums, and the International Film Festival here is one of the oldest in Europe. This same city is one of the most important glass making centers in Europe, don't miss the Glass Museum here. The National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague has a most spectacular architecture, and there are more such places to be admired in this city.

Cities and regions to explore when on holiday in the Czech Republic

Historical attractions, old castles, majestic mountains, lakes and forests, villages, people and traditions are all encountered from a holiday villa in the Czech Republic. Central Bohemia is the area around Prague, Southern Bohemia hosts historic towns and man made lakes, as well as great biking trails, while Western Bohemia is an area of spa towns. In Northern Bohemia you will find the stunning rock formations of the Czech Switzerland National Park, and in Eastern Bohemia the Bohemian Paradise nature reserve is great for hiking, as well as the Giant Mountains. In Southern Moravia there are six UNESCO Sites, many castles, the city of Brno, biking trails, while in Northern Moravia the city of Olomouc hosts various historic attractions and the Jeseníky Mountains are ideal for hiking.

Wellness and spa on holiday in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a most ideal destination for a wellness holiday, especially the Western Bohemia region. The famous Karlovy Vary and its main 13 hot springs has always been an attraction. There are even beer and wine spas in the country, where you can bathe in tubs of royal oak filled with beer made after a special recipe. A beer spa you can find at Karlovy Vary, at Jeseník in Moravia, at the Novosad Harrachov Beer Spa in the mountains, there is one even in Prague. There are also romantic, relaxing, luxurious spas in the country, as well as active wellness and aquamania. Fabulous Czech Republic!

The Czech Republic by season

The climate of this country is a moderate continental one, with four seasons. Spring is ideal for cycling and enjoying the rejuvenated nature, whether you choose an Easter holiday in Prague, or at a castle such as the Žleby Castle, or the Hrádek u Nechanic Castle and others. A summer holiday in the Czech Republic can be experienced by bike, on horse back, on skates, on water or in water, or... why not? in the air. Go rafting along the Morava River, explore the peaks of the Krkonoše Mountains, see the horses in the Kladruby nad Labem, take a carriage ride in the surrounding countryside; walk along the Elbe, bike along or take a cruise on the Baťa Canal. Welcome to summer in the Czech Republic! Autumn holiday in the Czech Republic? Two words: beer tourism. Plzeň and Prague are the beer Giants here, with breweries and beer museums. A walk in the Krkonoše Mountains goes perfect with drinking good beer on the Krkonoše Beer Trail, while the Beer Trail of the poet Petr Bezruč is ideal for cyclists. Check out also the most visited September beer event, the Dočesná Žatec, or the Brno Beer Festival. No idle time on a winter holiday in the Czech Republic, with great skiing and winter sports opportunities in Šumava and in the Krkonoše Mountains, with cross-country ski trails and with the longest ice skating track in the world at Lipno.

Activities and sports

Outdoor activities in the Czech Republic are a lot of fun, from hiking and cycling trails, rock climbing in Bohemia, to caving in the Moravian karst. Wonder around the picturesque countryside in this country from a last minute holiday park in the Czech Republic, in Southern Moravia along wine trails, or maybe over slopes and foothills of the Orlické Mountains. Hiking in summer, cross-country skiing in winter, the Czech mountains are an ideal choice. Choose the Krkonoše Mountains and the source of the River Elbe or maybe the highest mountain in the country, Mount Sněžka as your new adventure scenery!

Family holiday in the Czech Republic

From mazes to various animals, from castles to bobsleigh tracks, a family holiday in the Czech Republic is just ideal. Go to a Dino Park in Ostrava, Vyškov, Plzeň or Prague; check out the Petřín hill in Prague, with its lookout tower and mirror labyrinth, or the Bohemian Paradise and the amazing rock formations here; the largest maze in the country in Oslavany at the Permonium will bring a smile on any child's face; a bobsleigh track is also a great load of fun, whether in Harrachov, Špindlerův Mlýn in the Krkonoše Mountains and Lipno, where not far away there is also the treetop walk with a huge tobbogan and a lookout tower. Fun is all around on a holiday in the Czech Republic.

Dining in the Czech Republic - Užijte si to!

Czech food has several influences to it, nonetheless it is a “must try” in all its “deliciousness”: a breakfast of Topinky S Vejci (Eggs on Toast), with some Koblihy (local donuts-like pastries), some Palačinky (Czech pancakes) are an ideal start of the day. Lunch is also a "game of options", from Houbova Polevka Myslivecka (Hunter's Mushroom Soup), to Knedlíky (Czech Dumplings), Kure Na Paprice (Chicken Paprikas), or maybe some Fazolovy Gulás S Hovemzim Masem (Bean Goulash with Beef). As for dinner, a perfect day in your holiday in the Czech Republic may be concluded with some Koleno, or roast pork knee, some Svickova na smetane (a type of beef goulash), Smažený sýr (breaded cheese with salad). Oh, and don't forget: it should all come with a beer on the side! Enjoy!

Holiday with a pet in the Czech Republic

A holiday with a pet in the Czech Republic? Sure, why not? A walk in the mountains, or in a city, a bike ride with your four-legged friend... all good times. There are 47 dog friendly cities in the country, inclusive of Prague, Brno, Karlovy Vary and others.

Enjoy the land of stories in all its facets, make your holiday in the Czech Republic one tailored to your specific tastes, it won't be difficult at all, you'll see for yourself!

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