Apartmanok Obernai 4p 6pers + 2 children up to 10 years - Obernai, Elzász, Franciaország, BN50511

This wonderful holiday park lies just 1 km from the town of Obernai, in the heart of the Alsace region, 30 km from the city of Strasbourg and 45 km from Colmar. The resort, which is ideal for bird watching, is part of a three-hectare holiday park. It consists of 131 apartments spread among five three-story 'hamlets'. Facilities include a reception area with tourist information, free WiFi area, a corner fireplace, bar, restaurant, library (various languages), a TV room, game and activity space, sports area, bowls field, tennis court, playground, laundry and enclosed parking lot. The restaurant offers different types of meals: à la carte, regional specialties, themed meals and menus.
You can request a free baby kit (crib and baby bath) as well as borrow games, footballs and volleyballs, badminton and tennis rackets and an ironing board. You can rent a TV on the spot or a linen set, bathroom set (towel, bath sheet, bath mat, soap) or cleaning package. Every week there are guided hikes and excursions in the vicinity. Excursions include the castles of Ottrot, the town of Obernai with its famous GERTWILLER seedcake, various caves in the area and a wine tour. You can also participate in morning gymnastics or sporting events. Shops are located within 1 km.

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Special Offer  09-tól 11 jan. '15-ig
€ 204.00
Special Offer  16-tól 18 jan. '15-ig
€ 204.00
Special Offer  23-tól 25 jan. '15-ig
€ 204.00
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17-tól 21 nov. '14-ig 
€ 225.00
05-tól 09 jan. '15-ig 
€ 225.00
12-tól 16 jan. '15-ig 
€ 225.00
1 hét:
15-tól 22 nov. '14-ig 
€ 525.00
03-tól 10 jan. '15-ig 
€ 525.00
10-tól 17 jan. '15-ig 
€ 525.00
2 hét:
03-tól 17 jan. '15-ig 
€ 1050.00
10-tól 24 jan. '15-ig 
€ 1050.00
17-tól 31 jan. '15-ig 
€ 1050.00
3 hét:
03-tól 24 jan. '15-ig 
€ 1575.00
10-tól 31 jan. '15-ig 
€ 1575.00
17 jan.-tól 07 febr. '15-ig 
€ 1589.00

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