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The North Sea coast of the Netherlands is also known as Friesland, and is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Why? This is what you will discover when spending a holiday on the North Sea coast. In the meantime, to have a general idea of the place, you should know to expect beautiful waters, vast nature reserves, quaint little towns and the unique Dutch Shallows, one of the most unspoiled nature reserves in the Netherlands. If you're thinking of exploring the area this year, you should definitely do it by renting a holiday home on the North Sea coast, as this way you'll also have the comfort of a modern and familiar starting point to your new adventure on the sea or on land.

What exactly are the Dutch Shallows?
An unspoilt natural reserve that comprises the area between the town of Den Helder and the estuary of the Eems River, the Wadden Sea Area Biosphere Reserve is a coastal area, a shallow coastal area more precisely, tidal channels and shallow open water, muddy and sandy tidal flats and sand marshes. The views here are simply spectacular, the dyke is winding through the landscape, there's quaint little settlements along the Dutch Shallows and the marine life is just unique and amazing in its all. Definitely worth exploring once you setyle upon one of the holiday homes on the North Sea coast, the place is suited for people traveling solo, or with their loved one, or maybe with family or friends.

Go back in time when experiencing Dutch history
Along the Dutch Shallows there are also beautiful little towns that portray the unique hiatory of the place. So on a holiday on the North Sea coast there's room to visit the town of Dokkum for example, with some splendid residences, with the statue of Bonifatius, then there is also Harlingen, with its known shipping industry and the nice refreshing sea breeze that keeps the sea atmosphere very much alive while you stroll around the city's streets. This is the perfect setting for a family holiday on the North Sea coast as well, you can take on a new adventure, like maybe cycling the North Sea Cycling Route, or maybe go for a hike in the area. Whichever your choise, you are bound to have a great new set of memories by the time you leave the place.

Holiday parks in North Sea Coast

Apartments in North Sea Coast

If when you think of the Netherlands you don't really think of golfing, there's quite a number of reasons to make you reconsider this. With its more than 150 golf courses, this country is the setting you are looking for if you wish to tee off in a great place. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you're all set up for a fabulous golf holiday in the Netherlands at one of the many well-maintained course in locations that combine the joy of this sport with the passion for a tranquil time among nature.

If you're a tourist... you're on for a game of golf

There are about 65 golf courses in the Netherlands that are actually open to tourists and if you are one to wish for a gold holiday in the Netherlands you should know that there is just much more than you imagine awaiting for you here. The golf courses are well maintained and they even have golf lessons in some place for those of you who are looking for a better direction when it comes to this sport. There are of course various prices depending on the time days of the week, there are certain rules to be followed on each golf course, but this all comes to accommodate the tourist looking for a relaxing time off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and some well deserved relaxation on a golf course.

Pick and choose, enjoy your dream golf experience

Tee off on the West Frisiand Islands at Golfbaan de Texelse where not only you can enjoy the game, but also the sound of the sea waves behind you and as you look around a feeling of complete relaxation and serenity takes over you best hit in a golf game. Golfbaan Hitland’s on the other hand has one of the largest pro shop-one in Europe so that's another option right there. If you're up for some golf in the Netherlands in the countryside region, choose one of the two Golfbaan Het Rijk van Nijmegen golf courses with 45 holes set up in a most picturesque forested landscape. Golfbaan Het Rijk van Margraten is a golf course to represent Maastricht, and when your game of golf takes place among the hills of Limburg you cannot but get caught up in the landscape of vineyards and forest and lush countryside wrapped up in a Dutch feel of golf excitement.

Villas from Bungalow.Net in North Sea Coast

VIP Kajuit 14 14 Persons
1 week 28 Sep until 05 Oct '15 € 1199
This 14-people bungalow is located in a quiet family park situated at the sand dunes. All accommodations are in a car-free zone, so your children can play outside freely! You don't have to worry about carrying your luggage around as there are luggage carts her...
Bungalow Zeewaard 37 6 Persons
1 week 12 until 19 Sep '15 € 476
This free-standing bungalow is located in the region of North Holland (de Kop van Noord-Holland). This area has a 30-km-long coastline with resorts like Julianadorp aan Zee, Huisduinen, Groote Keeten, Callantsoog, St. Maartenszee and Petten. The landscape is c...
SCD Buitenhuis 4p 4 Persons
1 week 04 until 11 Sep '15 € 730
The highest and widest dunes of the Netherlands begin virtually in the backyard of "Park Scorleduyn". The park overlooks forest and heath, and the beach is less than fifteen minutes away by bycicle. If you are walking on the dunes, on the beach or in the woods...
Bungalow Zeewaard 18 4 Persons
1 week 18 until 25 Sep '15 € 509
This free-standing bungalow is located in the region of North Holland (de Kop van Noord-Holland). This area has a 30-km-long coastline which contains resorts like Julianadorp aan Zee, Huisduinen, Groote Keeten, Callantsoog, St. Maartenszee and Petten. The land...
Buitenplaats 104 5 Persons
1 week 25 Sep until 02 Oct '15 € 566
This comfortable villa is situated just a few hundred meters from the beach (600 m), in the village of Callantsoog, in North Holland. Part of a small, quiet holiday park accessible only to residents and adjacent to the forest. The tourist village of Callantsoo...
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