Spanish House Studio 1. - Gyenesdias, Lake Balaton, Hungary, BN56902

This lovely house is located just 400 meters from Lake Balaton. Lake Balaton, a beautiful and unique natural formation which attracts thousands of tourists each year, is the largest lake in Central Europe. The house is situated in a quiet area in the village of Gyenesdiás, which lies in the western part of the north shore of the lake. The house has two apartments and two rooms for rent. The house also has a large garden with a swimming pool, garden furniture and a barbecue. The Spanish owners offer a little Spanish feeling at Lake Balaton. As an option they can prepare Spanish Tapas (food) for the guests.


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Alternative periods
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1 week:
09 until 16 Jul '16 
€ 270.00
16 until 23 Jul '16 
€ 270.00
23 until 30 Jul '16 
€ 270.00
2 weeks:
09 until 23 Jul '16 
€ 540.00
16 until 30 Jul '16 
€ 540.00
23 Jul until 06 Aug '16 
€ 540.00
3 weeks:
09 until 30 Jul '16 
€ 810.00
16 Jul until 06 Aug '16 
€ 810.00
23 Jul until 13 Aug '16 
€ 810.00

We are available from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am until 6:00 pm at +31 (0)38-333 01 01.

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