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Alsace is a very much suitable area for outdoor activities and also for skiing, due to the Vosges Mountains here, and it is divided in two departments: the Northern Alsace or the Bas Rhin with its capital being Strasbourg, and the Southern Alsace or the Haut Rhin with its capital being Colmar. Read more

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Alsace is a very much suitable area for outdoor activities and also for skiing, due to the Vosges Mountains here, and it is divided in two departments: the Northern Alsace or the Bas Rhin with its capital being Strasbourg, and the Southern Alsace or the Haut Rhin with its capital being Colmar. Historical attractions, the religious heritage, festivals and an amazing cuisine though complete a holiday in Alsace in a most beautiful manner. Here's how:

A holiday with historical attractions

The region of Alsace hosts the city of Strasbourg, a city that is much visited by people from all over the world. It has an amazing historic center with a Gothic cathedral, around which every year a beautiful Christmas market is held. Nearby you will find the Haut-Koenigsburg castle, in the Vosges Mountains, a famous construction and a very impressive one. Don't miss out from a holiday home in Alsace the Struthof, a memorial on the Nazi concentration camp that was set here during WW II. Colmar, the capital of the Haut Rhin, has the best preserved city center in the region. See the Unterlinden museum here, with impressive masterpieces. In speaking of museums, in Mulhouse is where you will find the French national railway museum and the car museum, with the largest collection of Bugattis in the world.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Alsace

The Alsace region of France is a special one from many standpoints. The local culture is one that has German influences, they say this is the Germanic region of the country actually. All in all, there are numerous attractions that one can enjoy from a holiday villa in Alsace and the Alsace Open-Air Museum - Ecomusée d'Alsace in Ungersheim is surely one of them. Musée du Jouet in Colmar is one that hosts more than 2000 toys, definitely a fun visit. The monastery at Mont Saint Odile is known to be one of the most visited pilgrimage sites in the country.

The wine culture of Alsace

A specific part of the Alsace culture is the wine culture. The wines of this region are known throughout the world, and the beautiful vineyards here are found at the foot of the Vosges mountains. This area is also well-known for its beautiful villages, ones such as Eguisheim and Riquewihr, which with their half-timbered houses, are said to be among the most beautiful ones in France. Follow the Alsace Wine Route and visit the quaint villages on the way, taste the famous wines such as the Sylvaners, Rieslings and Gewurtzraminers.

A holiday among nature in Alsace

The nature of Alsace is much dominated by the Vosges mountains. Take a drive or a bike ride to where the Vosges meet the Rhine Valley, and admire a most stunning natural scenery. See the many vineyards in this region from a holiday park in Alsace, visit the Regional Natural Park of the Ballon des Vosges in sothern Alsace and the Regional Natural Park of Vosges du Nord in northern Alsace. This region of France is well-known for its storks also, almost every tall roof in Alsace has a stork's nest on it. Densely forested hills, rivers and streams and vineyards, the Alsace area is one to enchant your heart.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Alsace

A wellness weekend in Alsace? Totally possible, and more so, completely enjoyable. Hammam et Traditions in Strasbourg, Centre Balneo in Ribeauville, the spas in Mulhouse, and others, they will all “confirm” it. Massages and saunas, whirlpools and all sorts of pampering await for you here. To all this you can add the beauty of the region's nature, the wine routes, the sightseeing, and you have yourself a time to remember in Alsace.

Activities and sports

There are many city tours that one can take when on holiday in Alsace, and the tour of Strasbourg should be one of them. Besides, a boat tour on l'Ill river here is a must. Then you have the famous Alsace Wine Tour that we've mentioned, which is amazing, and will also have you visiting beautiful quaint villages, with half-timbered houses, that are said to be among the most beautiful ones in the country. Cycling is a great way to see the main attractions in both the cities and the surroundings. Then hiking in the Vosges is always fun, visiting the nature parks, the local museums such as the famous Cite de l'Automobile, the Cite du Train, the Ecomuseum of Ungersheim, etc. is a great way of spending a holiday here.

Family holiday in Alsace

A family holiday in Alsace is a great opportunity to enjoy the company of your loved ones in a setting that inspires and delights each and every one of you. From the little ones that will be more than excited to see the Parc zoologique et botanique in Mulhouse, to the adults that will adore the pleasant surroundings of a vineyard village for example, Alsace is a land of fun and relaxation alike. You can also check out the Nautiland, one of the largest aquatic parks in Alsace, go canoeing, kayaking, rafting, even paragliding and hang gliding in the Vosges Mountains. Don't miss out on the famous Christmas Market in Strasbourg if you have the chance, it will be a memorable experience.

Dining in Alsace - Bon appétit!

The cuisine of Alsace is a very distinctive one. The Flammkuchen is a local specialty that is like a sort of pizza, with onion, bacon, and creme fraiche, very delicious. Baeckeoffe is another favorite here, a stew with pork. Then of course you will find the escargots here, and for dessert, the crème brûlée is very popular, as is the Kougelhopf, a very tasty brioche with sultanas and almonds. Some of the best beers in the world, namely the Kronenbourg, Kanterbrau and Fischer are also from this region, and then of course, you have the before mentioned wines.

Holiday with a pet in Alsace

A holiday with a pet in Alsace is comfortable when you rent a pet friendly holiday home in Alsace. his way you have the perfect base from where to plan your each day spent in this region. Whether it is hiking in the mountains or walking around a city after a nice dinner at a local restaurant together with Rover, Alsace will show both you and your buddy a great time.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Alsace:
  • Strasbourg, its beautiful attractions, the Christmas Market here, the historic center, river boat tours, the European Parliament, etc.;
  • the Haut-Koenigsburg castle in the Vosges Mountains, a beautiful construction close to Strasbourg;
  • Colmar and its most beautifully preserved historic center in Alsace, the Unterlinden Museum here and its masterpieces;
  • Mulhouse and the car museum here with the largest collection of Bugattis in the world, also the railway museum;
  • the Wine Route of Alsace, with the picturesque villages on the way and their beautiful half-timbered houses, vineyards and world-renowned wines;
  • the biggest open-air museum in the country, the Ecomusee d'Alsace between Colmar and Mulhouse in Haute Rhin;
  • the memorial of the former Nazi concentration camp, the only one in the country, Struthof.

Alsace is one of the smaller provinces of France, yet it is a most wonderful one. From its unique nature to its one of a kind culture, this area is amazing in its every facet. The Alsace Wine Route, the city of Strasbourg, the Vosges Mountains and their mysterious character... a holiday in Alsace will leave its mark on all your senses in a most beautiful way.

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