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The Ardeche department is one that offers some exquisite nature, it is here that you will find the famous Gorges of Ardeche, one of the most impressive highlights in the country. Thus spending a holiday in Ardeche, among hills and forests... Read more

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The Ardeche department is one that offers some exquisite nature, it is here that you will find the famous Gorges of Ardeche, one of the most impressive highlights in the country. Thus spending a holiday in Ardeche, among hills and forests, landscapes with cliffs and quaint villages that dot the place will be a real thrill.

A holiday with historical attractions

The area of Vivarais Meridional is one that offers rich history and a beautiful and untouched countryside in Ardeche. From a holiday park in Ardeche you get to see archaeological remains, as well as medieval buildings, Renaissance constructions, etc. See the Paleolithic decorated caves at Figuier, the Champvermeil dolmens at Bidon, the Gallo-Romain site at Alba. Check out the historic center of Largentiere, the cathedral town of Viviere and many others. Avignon is a beautiful walled city with a remarkable history, its Palais des Papes is simply amazing. There is a theater festival here every year, from mid-July until August.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Ardèche

All across the Ardeche department there are numerous villages, some of them being known as the “Ardeche villages of character”. They are certainly worth a visit, some are said to be among the most beautiful villages in the country. You will discover a unique culture here, traditions and beautiful landscapes as well. In the town of Annonay every year there is a festival on the first weekend of June, commemorating the first hot air balloon flight from here. Visit the local museums as well here, and stroll along the winding streets, admiring the beautiful setting all around.

A holiday among nature in Ardèche

The nature of Ardeche is a reason why most people even come here in the first place. The equivalent of France's Grand Canyon, the Gorges du Ardeche are a nature reserve famed throughout the world. Natural formations such as the natural stone bridge of Pont d'Arc, the cirque de la Madeleine canyon. Near Les Vans, visit the Bois de Païolive, a stunning primeval forest with petrified rocks and white oaks. The Ray-Pic waterfall is a must see as well, and the Mont Gerbier-de-Jonc on the Ardèche mountain plateau is the source of the Loire river, another great option for a trip among nature from a holiday home in Ardeche. There are over 100 caves in the Ardeche too, bearing marks of the beginnings of mankind. The Chauvet cave has over 400 wall paintings, the oldest ones in the world. See for yourself!

Wellness and spa on holiday in Ardèche

Visit the spa at Vallon Pont d'Arc if you get the chance, from a holiday home in Ardeche. It will be totally worth it. There is a professional team here to care for your expectations, there are saunas, hammam, massage treatments, baths and beauty treatments, jacuzzis and many others. Of course, the region has many other spa and wellness centers, choose one close o your holiday home in Ardeche and enjoy some “good old” pampering.

Activities and sports

The Ardeche is a region with a most exquisite nature, a region that pinpoints relaxation as well as adventure for you and your loved ones. If you're on the look for a bit of a holiday among nature besides the usual sightseeing routine, you're in the right place here. Canoeing or kayaking in the Gorges d'Ardeche is a unique experience, and the natural setting here is stunning. You can even go camping for a day or so in this area, there are two managed sites right in the heart of the nature reserve. At Pont d'Arc, the largest natural arch in Europe, you can do some hiking. Canyoning, caving, Via Ferratta, they are all possible on a holiday in Ardeche, as are cycling, horse riding and many other activities.

Family holiday in Ardèche

Exploring the vineyards of the region may be a fun way to spend a family holiday in Ardeche. Then of course, there are other options, various ones, such as some fun camping with the entire family in the Gorges d'Ardeche, or the exploring of the many caves here, with their prehistoric paintings. Take your children to the Ceven'Aventure adventure park, where there are many fun things to enjoy such as via ferratta, zip-line, climbing, etc. There is also the adventure park Adventure Camp, with courses in the trees, the Peaugres Safari Park, and others. Spend a wonderful time in Ardeche and create some fun-filled memories.

Dining in Ardèche - Bon appétit!

Goat cheese, honey, olive oil, the famous grapes from the vineyards of Ardeche... these are some of the local products that will impress your taste buds in this region. If you've never tried dandelion soup or lavender ice cream this is your chance. A holiday in Ardeche will amaze your culinary knowledge and experience with its unique dishes.

Holiday with a pet in Ardèche

Spending a holiday with your pet in Ardeche is an unforgettable experience. Many of us find it not so easy to leave Fifi behind when going on vacation, thus with a pet friendly holiday home in Ardeche this aspect is totally covered. Barbecuing in the evening, walking around and hiking with your family and your pet during the day, exploring the region by car even and stopping for a picnic wherever you find it comfortable, this is just the beginning of a fun-filled time in Ardeche.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Ardèche
  • the Gorges de l'Ardeche, with its stunning landscapes and the many outdoor activities to be enjoyed here;
  • the Caverne du Pont d'Arc and many other caves with prehistoric paintings;
  • the Bois de Paiolive, in Lablachere, a fairytale-like land, a wonderful place to explore;
  • the Mont Gerbier de Jonc, with stunning views and amazing nature;
  • the Ray-Pic waterfall, an astounding nature attraction;
  • the vineyards of Ardeche, famed throughout the world;
  • quaint towns with hostoric, cultural attractions, such as Privas, Largentiere, Viviers, the spa town of Vals-les-Bains and others;
  • the Ardeche villages of character, set in a most exceptional landscape, preserving the historic setting of the area;
  • the Safari de Peaugres, with numerous species of animals.

Ardeche is like a little wonder of nature and of France alike, a holiday in Ardeche is like stepping into a land of fairytale-like landscapes and senses enchanted by stunning history, culture, traditions. Your turn to explore the origins of mankind in Ardeche is now!

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