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The wine, the beach, the countryside... they are all strong points of the region of Aquitaine. Yet there is so much more to discover in this part of France, it is a most diverse and most impressive part of the country, with long Atlantic surfing beaches... Read more

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The wine, the beach, the countryside... they are all strong points of the region of Aquitaine. Yet there is so much more to discover in this part of France, it is a most diverse and most impressive part of the country, with long Atlantic surfing beaches, with medieval villages and castles, the largest forest in the country and so on. Thus...

A holiday with historical attractions

There are several distinct regions within Aquitaine, namely Dordogne, Gironde, Lot et Garonne, Pyrenees Atlantique, Landes. If you choose a holiday home in Dordogne, you should not miss Perigueux and its beautiful cathedral, the medieval town of Sarlat and its ramparts, the Monpazier and its one of the most beautiful bastides on the Old Continent, also the prehistoric caves of the Vézère valley. In Gironde, Bordeaux is a simply stunning destination, with its Port de la Lune, the Gironde estuary nearby (the largest in Europe), the squares in the city, and of course... the world famous wines. While here check out the town of Saint Emilion from a holiday park in Aquitaine, with its medieval appearance and the surrounding vineyards. In Lot et Garonne, Marmade hosts some like 12 centuries of history, and in the Pyrenees Atlantiques the town of Biarritz is the continent's surfing capital. Choose your favorite place here every day!

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Aquitaine

There are numerous events, festivals, and shows that take place in Aquitaine, and to this effect we can mention the Festival international de céramique in May for a chance, or Festival de Carcassonne in July with music, theater and opera, the Festival du film à Sarlat, in November, and many others. The Basque Country for example offers also a variety of seaside resorts on its coast, while the interior is mountainous and dotted with traditional villages. See the many museums and markets in the towns of Aquitaine, visit the many castles. This rather vast region of France is one to impress you every step of the way.

A holiday among nature in Aquitaine

The nature of Aquitaine is also characterized by diversity, you can get from the mountains to the sea, from valleys and vineyards to rivers and so on. The countryside of Aquitaine is also amazing, the tradition-dotted villages here are totally worth a visit. See the Dordogne river valley, with towns and villages and prehistoric sites, the Dune du Pilat near Arcachon, the highest sand dune in Europe, Les Landes, the vastest forested area on the Old Continent, the Pyrenees, the Atlantic coast and its fine sandy beaches. Aquitaine redefines variety with every day you spend here.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Aquitaine

This region of France is famed for its thermal waters among others, as well as for its thalassotherapy centers, such as ones at Dax, Saubusse-les-Bains, Préchacq-les-Bains and others. The facilities for spa and wellness are amazing, enjoy massages, saunas, baths, jacuzzis among many others, and set your own style of relaxation in Aquitaine.

Activities and sports

Depending on where exactly in Aquitaine you end up, you can enjoy all sorts of activities and fun things to do. From sightseeing to exploring prehistoric caves such as the ones at Lacaux, from the sea to the mountains, you can choose a different type of entertainment each day. Thus, there are water sports you can practice here on the Atlantic Coast, such as canoeing, sailing, diving, world famous surfing. Paragliding is also pretty big here and hiking, climbing, cycling in the mountains is always an option. Skiing during winter, golfing whenever you feel like... and all of this barely manages to sum up what a holiday in Aquitaine has to offer.

Family holiday in Aquitaine

When you travel with your family in Aquitaine, besides the many activities and sports you can practice here you'll probably want to know how much fun exactly this area is for kids as well. To this effect, you should know that Aquitaine has plenty to offer that will keep the little ones happy and more so... busy. Visit the Le Musée-Aquarium in Arcachon, the Requins et poissons exotiques in Bayonne, check out local zoos such as the one in Bordeaux-Pessac, the Walibi amusement park near Agen, the Aventure Parc "Aramits" in Pyrénées and so on. And remember to kind of allow yourself to be a bit of a child in these places, it's totally worth it!

Dining in Aquitaine - Bon appétit!

Aquitaine is a region that is famous for its wines (the Bordeaux wine) and it also has a pretty developed agricultural field. Add to this the Périgord black truffles, the lamb from the Pyrenees, the fish from the Bay of Biscay, oysters from Arachon, beef and cheeses, and you've got yourself a recipe for a total success of some enchanted taste buds. Taste the local foie gras also, and the Garbure, a soup made with cabbage, beans, meats and goose conserve. Hungry is one thing you will Not feel after having some of this dish. Bon appetit!

Holiday with a pet in Aquitaine

To spend your holiday with a pet in Aquitaine is like perfectly mixing the comfort of being home with the thrills of being on a most complete vacation; so complete that it even includes Buddy there. Go hiking together in the Pyrenees here, go cycling or horse riding with your entire family. Check out the beaches of the Gironde or the Landes regions, such as the Salie South Beach in Pyla sur Mer in Gironde, some beaches of Biscarrosse, Mimizan, Moliets et Maa that allow dogs.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Aquitaine:
  • the Atlantic Coast with its beautiful beaches and seaside resorts, the famous surfing resort of Biarritz;
  • the castles and medieval villages, the history and traditions in Dordogne, the prehistoric caves here;
  • the city of Bordeaux, a simply amazing place with lots of culture and entertainment, with attractions of all sorts;
  • the Arcachon seaside resort and the highest sand dunes on the Old Continent, the Dune du Pilat;
  • Saint Emilion and its surrounding vineyards, the Bordeaux wines;
  • Les Landes, the vastest forested area in Europe;
  • Sarlat, one of the most beautiful towns in the country, the bastide town of Monpazier and its 7 centuries of history;
  • the Basque village of Espelette.

One of the most beautiful and one of the vastest areas of France, Aquitaine is simply amazing in all its facets. Whether you're one for the beach, or more for the mountains, you'll not only get your money's worth with a holiday in Aquitaine, but you'll also get the time of your life here.

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