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The westernmost point on the European Continent, that is one way to describe the Atlantic Coast of France. It goes from the Basque Country to Brittany, including the regions of Aquitaine, Vendee and Charentes. Read more

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The westernmost point on the European Continent, that is one way to describe the Atlantic Coast of France. It goes from the Basque Country to Brittany, including the regions of Aquitaine, Vendee and Charentes. Important ports like Bordeaux, Nantes, La Rochelle and others are surely worth a visit on a holiday on the French Atlantic Coast. The beaches in this part of the country are very well preserved, and in the Basque Country the strong waves gather surfers from everywhere in the world. Biarritz is a well-known surfers' heaven for example, yet there are also beaches suitable for families. See what else the Atlantic Coast of France has to offer:

A holiday with historical attractions

Vine striped hills and country roads dot the Atlantic Coast of France, along with the beautiful beaches. A region of sunny days, world renowned wines and great cuisine, from a holiday home on the Atlantic Coast in France you will also get to experience amazing historical sights: ancient caves that are decorated with all sorts of Neanderthal paintings, the site of the Battle of Poitiers, various Roman ruins. The famous city of Bordeaux is one definitely worth seeing, with its Cathedral Saint-André and Pey Berland Tower, the Saint Michel Basilica, the Grand Theater, many museums, beautiful markets and gardens. Not to mention that the world renowned Bordeaux wine has a history of its own! La Rochelle is one of the loveliest coastal towns in France, see the Vieux Port here with its three old towers; each of these towers has a specific history, Tour de la Lanterne used to be a prison for pirates. Enjoy the wonderful views in this town, a sunset from La Plage des Minimes or the clifftops by Port de Plomb. The Local Aquarium is a must, and just off the coast there are the three islands of Ile de Ré, Ile d’Oléron and Ile d’Aix.

Cultural treasures on your holiday on the Atlantic Coast

The cultural treasures of the Atlantic Coast are scattered all over the place: from impressive museums to amazing aquariums, from festivals to all sorts of events, traditions, and others. There are various landmarks you can admire on a holiday on the Atlantic Coast in France, such as the Cordouan lighthouse, or the oyster villages, also the Cité de l’Océan and Sea Museum in Biarritz, or maybe the Marquèze eco-museum in the Landes. You are spoiled for choices in all matters when it comes to visiting this area: you can choose active water sports, or relaxing on a sunny beach, enjoying the nightlife in beautiful cities or just enjoying the silence by the lakes here, just over the sand dunes, with a nice oyster dinner. Arcachon is a most fabulous resort by the ocean that is divided into four areas, each named after a season, and with a specific character. Climb the Dune du Pilat here, or go birdwatching in the Le Teich nature reserve, see the Musee Aquarium, or the Zoo Bassin d'Archachon.

A holiday among nature on the Atlantic Coast

Many say that the Atlantic Coast is actually the place where France goes back to nature; and you can see why: amazing nature reserves, the beautiful beaches, relaxing lakes. La Vallée des Singes or Valley of the Monkeys is a huge monkey park where the more than 350 primates to be found here roam freely through the trees. Watch out for your belongings though (you will be handed a zip bag to place them in)! You never know when one of them may be a bit "tempted" to grab them. You can also explore the Leyre Delta and salt meadows by canoe on a holiday on the Atlantic Coast of France, or walk over the Dune du Pilat. Les Sables d’Olonne on the other hand hosts some of the best beaches in the country, and it is also a great center for water sports, especially sailing.

Wellness and spa on holiday on the Atlantic Coast

A holiday on the Atlantic Coast in France may also come along with some wellness and spa pampering. Sure, you have the beach, the sun, the ocean, but you can also have it with a side of great massages, baths, relaxing in a whirlpool or a sauna. The Spa Aquacéo in Capbreton can be an option to this effect, as well as many others. Seek out what you know you deserve... some real time relaxation on your holiday.

Activities and sports

You can probably imagine how many things are there to see and do on the Atlantic Coast of France every day... or can you? Of course, you have the beach, the water sports: wind-surfing, kite-surfing, fly-boarding, sailing, diving, snorkeling, swimming (with or without a bathing suit, as there is also the renowned naturist beach at Montalivet to be found in this part of France)... more than you can imagine, after all. Then there is also cycling when you've had your share of the water and the beach and wish for some something else. The cycling route of the Vélodyssée goes along the coast from Roscoff to Hendaye, it's a rather well-known route. Biarritz attracts surfers from all over the world, and from a holiday park on the Atlantic Coast of France you can also go to kayaking or canoeing past picturesque villages. Sail away in a world of fun here!

Family holiday on the Atlantic Coast

There are few places that can show you as good of a time as the Atlantic Coast of France on a family holiday. Theme parks, animal parks, chateaux, water parks, water sports, museums, indoor play centers, you find them all here. The Puy du Fou theme park in Vendee is a great option offering amazing shows, then the Futuroscope in Poitiers is an award winning high-tech and science park. See the Chateau de Barbe Bleu in Tiffauges and take your kids to the Indian Forest tree-top park for a chance, spend a day at the Atlantic Tobbogan water park and wander through the Dunes du Pilat, take a boat trip, go to the beach and visit the sights of a wonderful coastal town. This is just one of the many many examples of how to spend a holiday on the Atlantic Coast of France.

Dining on the Atlantic Coast - Bon appétit!

A holiday in France will not be complete without tasting the local cuisine. Thus on the Atlantic Coast you have a lot of “work” to do in this matter: wine – the famous Bordeaux wine, cannot be omitted; cognac – a fabulous drink made of grapes from Charente, the Charente-Maritime, Deux-Sèvres; seafood – it goes without saying; meat – as in the Barbezieux chicken, and why not... snails; cheese – it complements the wine; desserts – macarons, saffron, biscuits. Good... luck and appetite!

Holiday with a pet on the Atlantic Coast

A holiday with a pet on the Atlantic Coast of France is possible, fun, and something you should definitely try at least once. This part of the country is very much dog friendly, like near Bordeaux for example there are many areas where you can go cycling and walking with your dog. At Lacanau there are parts of the beach where dogs are allowed, as well as in other places on the Atlantic Coast.

Points of interest, a “must see” list on the Atlantic Coast:
  • the Puy du Fou theme park, the Futuroscope theme park;
  • La Rochelle and the Aquarium here hat includes a shark tank;
  • the Zoo de la Palmyre, with more than 1600 species;
  • the Planete Sauvage, a safari park at Port-St-Père, simply amazing;
  • the Dune du Pilat, with stunning views;
  • the Vallee des Singes, a monkey and ape park you will never forget;
  • Les Antilles water park, one of the largest ones in Europe;
  • the Maison du Cognac at Cognac – Hennessy;
  • cities such as Bordeaux, Nantes, La Rochelle, etc.
  • the beaches on the Atlantic Coast of France, surfing at Biarritz, water sports.

The Atlantic Coast of France is a very popular tourist destination as it offers a most wide variety of sights, activities, entertainment and relaxation venues: sunny and sandy beaches, surfing waves, water sports, quaint villages, impressive towns, nature, seafood and a great cuisine, world renowned drinks (Bordeaux wine and cognac)... all in all, it will surely defy everyone's and anyone's imagination.

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