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Limburg is the easternmost province of Flanders, and has been an important coal mining area throughout history. They say this is now the greenest province of the country thus if you enjoy peace and tranquility, a hospitable and simply beautiful environment... Read more

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Limburg is the easternmost province of Flanders, and has been an important coal mining area throughout history. They say this is now the greenest province of the country thus if you enjoy peace and tranquility, a hospitable and simply beautiful environment, a holiday in Limburg is what you need to look into.

A holiday with historical attractions

The capital of this province is Hasselt, a beautiful town in the province. Genk is basically its “twin”, they are both situated on the Albert Canal. Hasselt hosts numerous shops and also restaurants and a pretty vivid nightlife. The Hasselt's Japanese Garden is quite unique as well, and the city hosts a number of museums, such as the National Genever Museum, a Fashion Museum and others. The Kapermolenpark is yet another great attraction here and so is the St. Quentin's Cathedral and the Virga Jesse Basilica.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Limburg

As for culture in the province of Limburg, there are plenty of attractions that portray it in a most beautiful manner. Take the Gallo Roman Museum for example in Tongeren, with all sorts of exhibitions that are immensely interesting. Every seven years in this town there is a coronation celebration, the "Kroningsfeesten", in honor of the miraculous statue "Causa nostrae Laetitiae". Every Sunday morning there is an antique market here too. There are many castles in the province of Limburg, from your holiday apartment in Limburg you can set off to visit the Burghof in Hoeselt, or the Kasteel Bokrijk in Genk and so on.

A holiday among nature in Limburg

Limburg is said to be the greenest of Flanders' provinces, it has three national parks. The Hoge Kempen National Park is actually the largest, and it hosts many forests and heaths dotted with purple flowers. Th former gravel pits, don't forget this used to be a mining area, were transformed into artificial lakes. The landscape is beautiful, there are more than 6000 species of flora and fauna living here. From a holiday home in Limburg, Belgium, you can set off on a wonderful trip among nature, with stopping wherever you find a place that catches your eye. You can even try horseback riding or cycling among the nature of Limburg. Of course, there is also the Valleys of the Burdinale and Mehaigne National Park, the T' Zwin Nature Reserve, the Sonian Forest, all within easy access from your holiday home in Limburg. This time among nature is your time!

Wellness and spa on holiday in Limburg

Wellness and spa in Limburg is just another way of relaxing in this green province. Massages and baths, whirlpools and beauty treatments, pretty much all you can wish for in matters of pampering is to be found here. The Thermen Sane in Tongeren can be a choice, or maybe the Wellness Center Aquamarijn... the point is that if you choose to set aside some time for pampering on your holiday in Limburg, you will not be short of fabulous choices.

Activities and sports

Activities and sports among nature are... well... among the best there are. From long walks to hikes and picnics in the green areas of this province, to horseback riding and sightseeing, all your senses will be charmed pretty fast. Cycling is also very relaxing here, especially in the countryside. On the other hand the Maasmechelen Village is ideal if you want to enjoy shopping malls carrying top brands, while the Blotevoetenpad in Zutendaal offers a great walking trail through a nature park, also ideal for kids. Check out the Tongeren Flea Market from a holiday park in Limburg, or maybe the Mining Museum in Beringen, go for a walking tour in the Hoge Kempen National Park. Limburg is quite unique.

Family holiday in Limburg

A family holiday in Limburg will be one portraying fun moments for both young and old. You can take your little ones for example to the Bokrijk Open Air Museum in Genk, or to the Plopsa Indoor park in Hasselt. Visit the Olmense Zoo, go cycling together as a family through the green countryside of Limburg, barbecue back at your holiday home in Limburg in the evening. Family time is simply priceless, and in this part of Belgium it is also a lot of fun.

Dining in Limburg

The cuisine in Limburg is quite amazing, you can find here some unique dishes: Konijn in beer (rabbit in beer), the vlaai (a large pie filled with marmelade), beef is also very popular among meats in Limburg, and of course, the asparagus is a very popular vegetable. Limburg portrays its beautiful diversity even in its specific dishes and produce, experience this part of the country in all its charm with exploring its gastronomy in beautiful and cozy restaurants.

Holiday with a pet in Limburg

The greenest province of Flanders... this is what they say about Limburg. A holiday with a pet in Limburg can thus prove to be ideal actually. Long walks, hiking and cycling, enjoying nature in all its amazing facets here, it's simply the best of feelings when you have your four-legged friend by your side as well.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Limburg:
  • the Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren, with unique exhibitions;
  • the Japanese Garden in Hasselt, visited by people from all over the continent;
  • Tongeren and all its attractions, the Flea Market, the Basilique Notre Dame de Tongres, etc.;
  • Hasselt and its attractions, the Jenever Museum, the Herkenrode Abbey, the ModeMuseum, etc.
  • walking in the Hoge Kempen National Park, cycling in the area, horseback riding, etc.

Limburg is a province of green, a province of nature, of peace and tranquility, and all this within a most hospitable environment. A holiday in Limburg is what will actually portray all this to you, better than anything else. See for yourself!

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