Holiday homes at the beach in Corsica, a different, fascinating world

Called the "Island of Beauty" by the ancient Greeks, Corsica offers spectacular scenery - from an endless coastline to breathtaking mountains - and Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Corsica give you the chance to experience... Read more

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Called the "Island of Beauty" by the ancient Greeks, Corsica offers spectacular scenery - from an endless coastline to breathtaking mountains - and Bungalow.Net's holiday homes in Corsica give you the chance to experience all this and more. You can set off to explore the island by quad (rentals possible in Porto Vecchio), mountain bike or on horseback. If you prefer to let someone else do the navigating, enjoy a leisurely sailing trip around the island or survey it from the air aboard a helicopter or ULV. Enjoy the natural beauty of Corsica any way you like, for that special green holiday you've only just imagined. Of course sports enthusiasts are in the right place as well, with opportunities for a variety of water sports, from swimming and diving along the coast to fishing and rafting on the rivers of the interior. There's also skiing, hunting, golf, tennis, paragliding and of course, plenty of options for hiking, including one of Europe's most challenging routes, the GR20. With so much to see and do, you might think there won't be enough time to eat, but with a cuisine of wild boar, ham, polenta, goat cheese, an array of seafood topped off with a delicious Corsican wine or aquavita, plus the convenience of Bungalow.Net's self-catering holiday homes in Corsica, you are sure to make time!

Extreme sports in Corsica

If you're looking for a playground for some extreme fun, book a holiday home in Corsica and allow it to be your base camp for the adventure of a lifetime! You can enjoy white water rafting down the Tavignano, Golo or Prunelli rivers, scuba diving in the beautiful turquoise waters off the coast, or hang gliding or paragliding from one of the mountain tops. With the steep uphills of Corsica's inland, mountain biking here is for the serious cyclist. Furthermore, though golf is not considered an extreme sport by most people, when you play it at Golf de Spérone (lessons available), consistently ranked as one of the top 100 courses in the world, it's about as extreme as it gets! Set off on your family holiday in Corsica for a week or two of hiking along the glorious GR20, with its "Cirque de la Solitude", or enjoy the freedom of horseback riding along more than 1900 km of trails (lessons available year round). Of course, our villas with tennis court mean you don't have to travel far to find the action while our pet-friendly accommodations mean no one gets left behind. So what are you waiting for? Book your holiday home in Corsica today and start stowing away the gear!

Corsica, a bridge to culture and history

Local legend has it that Christopher Columbus hails from the island of Corsica. True or false, now you can make your own history with a legendary holiday in Corsica! Visit famous landmarks like Casa Buonaparte, the birthplace and ancestral home of Napoleon Bonaparte (in Ajaccio), the former palace of the Genoese governors in Bastia, or one of the numerous Genoese towers that characterize the landscape like Torra di Calvi, Torra di a Parata and 15th century Torra di l'Isula on Pietra Island. Nestled away in small towns like Algajola, Borgo and Belgodere, our pet-friendly holiday homes with swimming pool will take you back in time without sacrificing all the comfort you've come to expect in a modern holiday accommodation in France. Enjoy an amazing cultural heritage strolling along the ancient cobbled streets of L'lle-Rouse or relax under its famous plane trees, then head over to Calvi, reputed home of Christopher Columbus, for an array of music concerts, theatre performances, art exhibitions, paragliding, windsurfing and sailing during the Festival du Vent (between October and November). Add to that the wellness facilities of Guagno-les-Bains, Urbalaconne and Les Bains de Baracci, and you have all the ingredients for an unforgettable Mediterranean vacation. Set sail for the horizon of your next dream holiday!
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