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It can sometimes be tricky to choose an ideal holiday destination in Europe. There are so many great places you can visit. Yet probably establishing some certain criteria that you wish your vacation to meet is a pretty good way of ending up in an amazing place. Read more

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It can sometimes be tricky to choose an ideal holiday destination in Europe. There are so many great places you can visit. Yet probably establishing some certain criteria that you wish your vacation to meet is a pretty good way of ending up in an amazing place. Or... here's another idea: the Andalusia region of Spain is one that meets all sorts of expectations: it has golden beaches and beautiful mountain ranges with an impressive fauna and flora, the famous “white villages” and the world renowned folklore with the bullfighting and the Flamenco, history, culture and traditions. And yet another great part of it all is that you can actually have:

A holiday with historical attractions

The capital of this region is the city of Seville, one that is much beloved by tourists. A holiday in Andalusia must take you here, so you can see the Arabian bell tower Giralda, the Torre del Oro Cathedral, the Barrio Santa Cruz district and many others. There are of course other cities you can get to from a holiday home in Andalusia, such as Granada with its Alhambra Arabian place, or Cordoba with its stunning Mosque, there are beautiful coastal regions or places that are at the foot of impressive mountains. You have plenty to choose from, without a doubt.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Andalusia

The culture of Andalusia is one defined by traditional dances such a the Flamenco, by the world famous custom of the bullfighting, by the amazing local gastronomy, popular events such as the Easter Week, the Carnival in Cadiz, the April Fair in Seville, the Rocio pilgrimage in Huelva. From a holiday villa in Andalusia it's actually hard not to stumble upon something that will make your every day spent here better than you would ever expect. So what is there to do/see/experience in Andalusia? You can actually be the “story teller” on this subject this year.

A holiday among nature in Andalusia

You most likely have heard about the nature of many places being defined by variety. Well, it's actually the same for the nature of Andalusia, just that here everything has its own specific character... a Spanish one: incomparable. A holiday in Andalusia can quickly turn from a vacation at the beach on the Costa de la Luz, or Costa del Sol, Costa de Almeria, etc. to one of skiing or hiking in the mountains such as the Sierra Morena, Sistemas Beticos. Visit the Doñana National Park if you get the chance, or the beautiful olive groves in Jaen, spend days by the sea, check out the many ports in this region... your desire of spending a holiday in Andalusia will be on "repeat".

Wellness and spa on holiday in Andalusia

They say Andalusia is one of the regions with the closest resemblance to paradise, and believe it or not, that is not even surprising. The stunningly beautiful countryside, the impressive mountains, the 900 km of coastline and its 3000 hours of sunshine per year turn this from a possibility to a fact almost. And to all that you can add the fantastic wellness and spa opportunities, with massages, baths, jacuzzis, whirlpools and beauty treatments in places such as the Aire de Sevilla, or the Hammam Al Andalus Granada and many others. It's just a most paradisiacal of times.

Activities and sports

In matters of activities and sports, the description of “variety” still stands. You can actually go skiing in the resorts of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in winter, and you can of course, see to an inflatable banana boat at the beach, or go sailing, swimming, sunbathing, explore the “white villages” with their folklore and artisany. Surfing in Tarifa, on the Coast of Cadiz is also just perfect. Then there are of course, the other activities, the more “down to earth” ones, such as golfing, or tennis, or beach volleyball and so on. You can even go paragliding if you wish, in the beautiful mountains here. Enjoy your every moment in Andalusia!

Family holiday in Andalusia

Spending a family holiday in Andalusia is a great idea, there are not only numerous cities you can visit and various events that you can take part in, but also great food, great shopping opportunities, various activities that are extremely enjoyable and fun for both adults and children. Horseback riding for example is greatly popular in Andalusia, you can ride in the mountains or at the beach, in the countryside or wherever you prefer for a chance. Also, there is of course the seaside which is perfect for water sports, the Sierra Nevada Mountains that are ideal for skiing and for hiking, climbing, cycling and so on. Learn about science at Parque de las Ciencias in Granada, check out the La Reserva wildlife park in Huelva, take a boat trip from the Tarifa to the Straits of Gibraltar, see the Selwo Marina Delfinarium, enjoy the Tivoli Park on the Costa del Sol. Have a family time to remember in Andalusia!

Dining in Andalusia - buen apetito!

A holiday of a thousand different flavors, that is a holiday in Andalusia. The fresh fried fish that is also known as the “pescaito frito” in Cadiz or in Malaga is rather and emblem of the local gastronomy here. Then there is also the Huelva cured ham, the Cordoba olive oil and other ingredients that make the cuisine here very tasty. The gazpacho and “salmorejo” are also typical dishes of the area, and in fact, pretty much everything you will sample in Andalusia will be a feast for your taste buds.

Holiday with a pet in Andalusia

Taking your faithful buddy along with you on a holiday in Andalusia is easy to do actually. And once you get here there are plenty of opportunities for you both or for the entire family to enjoy yourselves more than you can even imagine. There are dog friendly beaches such as the Puerto de Santa Maria in Cadiz, Andalusia; there are the beautiful mountains that invite you for a hike, or for a picnic, for cycling, and so on. And not in the last there is the evening barbecue at your pet friendly holiday home in Andalusia. It's all set up, nothing left but to enjoy!

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Andalusia:
  • the Alhambra Moorish palace that overlooks the city of Granada, simply stunning;
  • Cordoba and its impressive Mosque, which used to be the largest in the entire world and is now a symbol of the city in itself;
  • Seville and its landmarks, such as the Alcazar and the Cathedral and Giralda here;
  • Malaga city, said to be the museum capital of the region;
  • the Doñana National Park and its rare fauna and flora;
  • the Alcazaba fortress that stands atop of a hill;
  • Costa de la Luz and its stunning beaches with find sand, the warm waters and the beautiful atmosphere.

Choose a holiday in Andalusia this year. You don't even need a specific reason for doing so, you just need to know that you will be simply mesmerized by this place's heavenly character. Flamenco, bullfighting, Seville... this is the region of Spain that needs no embellishments.

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