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Salzburg is a place where history and culture, nature and entertainment venues are perfectly combined into offering every holiday maker, of any age, an unforgettable holiday in Salzburg. Are you tempted to escape the daily... Read more

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Salzburg is a place where history and culture, nature and entertainment venues are perfectly combined into offering every holiday maker, of any age, an unforgettable holiday in Salzburg. Are you tempted to escape the daily hustle and bustle of busy life? Find your escape in this part of Austria, and here's how: leave your holiday park in Salzburg and start your day with a nice breakfast and a coffee at one of the numerous coffee houses with their cozy terraces. Further on, depending on what you enjoy most, you can maybe go shopping in Getreidegasse, or if you want high sights try the city mountains, the Mönchsberg or the Kapuzinerberg, where in the first one also hosts the Museum of Modern Art, the m32 Restaurant and Hohensalzburg Fortress. Be sure that on continuing your day in Salzburg, you don't miss attractions like the Cathedral, St. Peter's Monastery, the Franciscan Church, the Church and Cemetery, Mozart's Birthplace in Getreidegasse, the Residence with its State Rooms and the Mirabell Gardens, the Pegasus Fountain, Dwarves Garden, Rose Garden and Hedge Theater. To end a perfect day as such, enjoy glass of wine at one of the many bars, a snack at a sausage stand and a stroll through the romantic Old City. A brief example of the infinite charm of Salzburg.

Nature in all its beauty

Salzburg is a majestic location with mountains and hills, parks and gardens, all within close proximity to the holiday parks in Salzburg from Bungalow.Net. There are not too many destinations that can offer a mountain climb just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre. And then there are also the expansively landscaped parks in Salzburg, like the Mirabell Garden or Schlosspark Hellbrunn, where people who are maybe bigger fans of flat terrain can just relax in the shade of the leafy trees on their holiday in Salzburg. The city is actually embedded among five peaks: the Untersberg, Kapuzinerberg, Mönchsberg, Nonnberg and Gaisberg. More nature to charm your senses while gazing up at the throne of the castle, is to be found around the Fortress Hohensalzburg, on Mönchsberg Mountain. Walking up the hill or taking a pleasant ride up in the mountain train lift allows tourists to enjoy a magnificent view over the city and the rural area around. To all this also add the green spaces, gardens and parks that make Salzburg a truly majestic and pleasant place to live. Continue on exploring, contemplating during a walk on the ‘Salzach Promenade’. A picnic along the banks of the River Salzach while watching the sun go down is one of those experiences that has you falling in love with the marvelous city of Salzburg.


Salzburg's museums are a great cultural experience offering also educational programs with interactive exhibits. There are 20 museums in the city of Salzburg, diversified, with art, natural science and technology exhibits. A visit to one of the city's numerous museums is a great way of spending an afternoon during a family holiday in Salzburg. Whether you're interested in natural science, art or maybe technology, there is something for everyone. Since 2014 there is also Salzburg's Cathedral Quarters, on a surface of 15,000 square meters, with 2,000 stunning exhibits. A tour of the Cathedral Quarters will have you exploring a unique highlight, where history comes to life in the grand rooms while you also enjoy stunning views of the city throughout the tour. Upon entering Mozart's Birthplace in the famous Getreidegasse you can retrace the life and works of the famous child prodigy. The "Haus der Natur," featuring 30 aquariums, a reptile zoo and a science center, is actually one of the best natural museums in the entire country. Get a unique view of the historic center of the city, while walking up to the Museum of Modern Art on the Mönchsberg. For fans of the amber brew, there is the interactive tour of Stiegl's Brauwelt. Explore a fascinating world of fun discoveries in Salzburg.

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