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Said to be the most beautiful province of Belgium, Namur is dotted with green hills and stone villages, historic castles and dramatic landscapes along the Meuse Valley. A holiday in Namur will charm you in a most unique way, offering amazing nature as well as plenty of culture and history. Read more

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Said to be the most beautiful province of Belgium, Namur is dotted with green hills and stone villages, historic castles and dramatic landscapes along the Meuse Valley. A holiday in Namur will charm you in a most unique way, offering amazing nature as well as plenty of culture and history.

A holiday with historical attractions

The city of Namur in itself is simply beautiful and greatly inspiring. Considered a burgeois town, it has a most scenic location, at the confluence of the rivers Mesue and Sambre, and an amazing architecture. Narrow shopping streets, cafes and restaurants, they all make for a holiday in Namur to be simply relaxing and unforgettable. Check out the Citadel and the Medieval Castle, the St. Alban's Cathedral, the St. Lupus' Church, the Royal Theater and the Ancient Art Museum, as well as many other attractions in the city. Besides, about 10 km from Namur, there is the village of Temploux which, on the 3rd week of August hosts one of the largest second hand markets on the Old Continent. Then again, from a holiday home in Namur, get to the castle of Corroy which is one of the best preserved ones in the Benelux. Crupet is said o be one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia, and Dinant is a historical town set along some impressive stone cliffs, a must see in the province of Namur.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Namur

The city of Namur, again, hosts some stunning culture and to this effect we must also mention its greatly fun events: from your holiday villa in Namur you can get to witness the International Competition for Young Violinists "Bravo!" The third weekend of September each year, you should not miss the Fêtes de Wallonie, a kind of an Oktoberfest of Namur. Not far from the city you will find the Franc-Waret Castle with one of the largest domains in the region, the about 6 km south of Dinant you have the Château de Freÿr. Between Dinant and Crupet you have Spontin, a village famous not only for its beautiful castle, but also for its mineral water, syrups and lemonade. Also near Dinant, the medieval castle of Vêves seems to be taken out of a fairytale. All in all, it is hard to even choose where to next on a holiday in Namur.

A holiday among nature in Namur

In matters of nature in Namur we would have to start with the Gardens of Annevoie, with amazing 50 fountains, cascades and water jets, with ponds and greenery that make them one of the most beautiful ones in the country. Of course, the castle here completes the scene. A holiday park in Namur will also set the ground for a perfect getaway among nature in the Ardennes. Han-sur-Lesse (village) is the perfect base for it actually. The limestone caves (Grottes de Han), one of the largest animal reserves in the country, places for kayaking... that is what you are after. Visiting the fortress of Crèvecoeur in the village of Bouvignes-sur-Meuse will also set you among nature, and it's also free. Get to the castle of Poilvache also, not far from Dinant, overlooking the Meuse River, it's also about an amazing view and a great breath of fresh air.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Namur

Whether it's the Royal Snail Hotel Wellness Center or maybe Les Bains de Dinant, when it comes to wellness and spa in the province of Namur, you are not short of options. Massages, saunas, whirlpools and all sorts of baths... you name it and this region of Belgium will set it up for you. You know that not only you wish for it, but you most clearly deserve it.

Activities and sports

A holiday in Namur is in itself an activity, a sport, a way to relax and much more. Thus whether you're heading to the Domain of the Caves of Han, or if you travel with children to the many playgrounds at the Domaine de Chevetogne, you're in for a wonderful time. Go kayaking in Dinant, at Alles sur Semois, take a cruise on the river Meuse. If you simply can't help but love the outdoors, you should not miss the Le Fondry des Chiens, a most beautiful place as well. Sky is the limit? Perhaps not... skydiving will however test your limits, Cerfontaine is the trial ground for it. The Golf Club d'Andenne gets your feet back on the ground, and cycling has you... “spinning” around for a while. Horseback riding, hiking... your time is in Namur.

Family holiday in Namur

A family holiday in Namur... nothing simpler! Book a family friendly holiday home in Namur and from there on you're all set. The caves at de Han are worth a stop for sure, and if you travel with children they will also love it, so no worries here. Besides, you can get the experience of a lifetime at the Gravity Park in Cerfontaine, because... who said flying is not an option? In Dinant, check out the nature dipped Dinant Aventure, and also for the little champs the Agimont Adventure is a great option. Of course, then there are the plenty of activities and sports, cruises, kayaking, hiking and so on that you can try out. Get off the beaten path this year with a holiday in Namur!

Dining in Namur

And then comes dinner: a most happy and well deserved moment after a day of exploring and experiencing the charms of Namur. Thus indulge yourself with the local specialties, by all means: asparagus, croquettes, eel, filet Americain, fish soup, Flemish carbonades (beer braised beef stew), game, ham and endive gratin, moules frites, meatballs in tomato sauce, rabbit and steak frites, trout and many others. Namur sure knows how to treat its guests right.

Holiday with a pet in Namur

Throughout all the sightseeing and the activities you can enjoy in Namur, you can have Fido by your side... no problem. Rent a per friendly holiday home in Namur and it's all down from there. Barbecuing on the terrace in the evening, walking around among nature during the day, taking a river cruise together with Rover and the rest of the family, enjoying a picnic in the Ardennes... why be homesick for Fifi when you can just... well... not be?

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Namur:
  • Namur, a wonderful city, and its amazing sights, the Citadel and the Medieval Castle, the cathedrals and churches, the many museums and the great events such as the Fetes de Wallonie;
  • the Brocante de Temploux, one of the greatest second hand markets in Europe on the third weekend of August every year;
  • the numerous castles in the province of Namur: Corroy le Chateau, the Freyr Castle, the Spontin, the Lavaux Sainte Anne, the Veves Castle;
  • towns such as Rochefort, the historical Dinant, Gembloux and others with amazing architecture, with restaurants and cafes, with various sights;
  • the Gardens and castle of Annevoie, with amazing fountains and ponds, some of the most beautiful gardens in Europe;
  • Han sur Lesse and the caves here, the animal reserve and the possibilities for kayaking.

It's not for nothing that they say Namur is one of the most beautiful provinces in Belgium, it's like a jewel of culture and history, nature and entertainment combined to make for an unforgettable holiday. Your time is Namur will be measured in smiles.

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