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Hosting the famous Black Forest of Germany, as well as the romantic city of Heidelberg, the region of Baden-Württemberg is very much popular with tourists. Beautiful cities can be visited here, and also there are natural spas that are said to have curative properties... Read more

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Hosting the famous Black Forest of Germany, as well as the romantic city of Heidelberg, the region of Baden-Württemberg is very much popular with tourists. Beautiful cities can be visited here, and also there are natural spas that are said to have curative properties, all this in a most stunning natural scenery. A holiday in Baden-Württemberg is about:

A holiday with historical attractions

A holiday in Baden-Württemberg is not complete without visiting at least some of the local castles such as the Heidelberg Castle. In the city with the same name you will also find the oldest university in the country. There are many castles you can visit in this part of the country, and the luxurious Herrenchiemsee New Palace is also one of them, as is the Lichtenstein Castle, not big, yet impressively located on the very edge of a limestone cliff. The Hohenzollern Castle is one of the top visited ones too. See the tallest church in the world from a holiday home in Baden-Württemberg, in the town of Ulm. Visit Stuttgart, its world-class opera house, the castle and the art gallery. Baden-Württemberg will enchant all its visitors.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Baden-Württemberg

You will find culture in Baden-Württemberg in many facets, in Mannheim you will find the most important theaters in the country. If you spend an Easter holiday in Baden-Württemberg you may wish to complete it with a visit to the Easter Egg Museum near Stuttgart. Catch a May pole festival in the area if you can too. The world's largest pumpkin festival is held not far from Stuttgart each year, in Ludwigsburg. The Bear Cave and the Fog Cave are two of the most impressive show caves in the country, also found in this area of Baden-Württemberg. The Carnival in Germany is a lot of fun too, starting on Nov. 11th.

A holiday among nature in Baden-Württemberg

The Black Forest, a most magical marvel of nature with waterfalls and greenery, with streams and a rare simple beauty, the Schwäbische Alb with its huge caves, the deep blue lakes and the beautiful nature in the south of the region; the Lake Constance, the largest in the country... these are just some of the highlights of a holiday among nature in Baden-Württemberg. The Flower Island Mainau at this lake is amazing, and in April you can see many many tulips here... feels a bit like Holland. The Lindau peninsula is where all the Noel Laureates of the entire world gather once a year.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Baden-Württemberg

A wellness weekend in Baden-Württemberg is a great idea, and more so it is supported by the many spa and wellness centers and facilities you will find here. There is nothing like ending a day of hiking through the Black Forest with a nice soak in a jacuzzi, or a swim in a pool, a sauna, maybe even a massage. It's the perfect combination of different types of relaxation. Try it, you'll be nothing short of impressed.

Activities and sports

The exquisite nature of the Baden-Württemberg area in Germany offers plenty of things to do here every day. Hiking in the Black Forest is refreshing, the scenery is simply idyllic, there are many trails you can follow. There are even areas where they say women that were suspected of witchcraft used to be beheaded. On the other hand, there are also pastures with sheep and cows, there are picturesque farms and landscapes that leave you breathless. Visit Ruine Hohenschram while hiking in the Black Forest, eat a traditional meal at a local restaurant. Go sightseeing, see Lake Constance, go for an organized wine walk. Enjoy every moment in a holiday in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Family holiday in Baden-Württemberg

A family holiday in Baden-Württemberg is an exceptionally great idea. Hiking in Bad Urach is a very popular activity here, and a stop at the Bad Urach waterfall is a must. Near Lake Constance you can visit the Affenberg, or the Monkey Mountain. 20 hectares of forest here host more than 200 monkeys, it will be a lot of fun for the entire family to walk around here. Another fantastic option is also the Barefoot Park in Dornstetten-Hallwangen with a walking path to be walked on barefoot, with a water adventure area, etc. Check out amusement parks such as the famous Europa Park in Rust, and many others.

Dining in Baden-Württemberg - Guten Appetit!

The cuisine of Baden-Württemberg is exquisite, you can enjoy all sorts of delicacies here, from the Badische Schaufele (cured and smoked pork), to the Bragele (fried potatoes), Schneckensuppe (snail soup), the Badischer Zwetschgenkuchen (plum cake), the Maultaschen (noodle dough pockets with various fillings), the Gaisburger Marsch (beef stew with vegetables), the Flädle (pancakes cut into strips). Don't miss the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cake) here either, the Black Forest ham and many other amazing local specialties.

Holiday with a pet in Baden-Württemberg

A holiday with a pet in Baden-Württemberg is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the company of a best friend with no worries of any kind. The nature here is beautiful, the air is fresh, the facilities back at your pet friendly holiday home in Baden-Württemberg are just ideal... there is nothing stopping your from making the best of your time spent in this part of Germany.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Baden-Württemberg:
  • the beautiful castles in the region, such as the Hohenzollern Castle, the Heidelberg Castle, the Ludwigsburg Castle, and many others;
  • the dome in Ulm, the highest church tower in the world;
  • Lake Constance, a beautiful scenery and great water sports, sailing, etc.;
  • the Europa-Park theme park, famous throughout the world, with great fun rides among others;
  • the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgard, the city in itself with its beautiful world-class opera house, the castle and the art gallery;
  • the largest pumpkin festival in the world, in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart and the Carnival in this region;
  • the Flower Island Mainau, a most stunning appearance which in April offers a breathtaking sight of many many tulips, similar to Holland;
  • the Black Forest and the amazing scenery it offers, the stunning views and the many hiking, cycling, walking trails;
  • the Affenberg, or the Monkey Mountain, 20 hectares of forest that host more than 200 monkeys;

Your holiday in Baden-Württemberg is filled with adventure, with silence and tranquility, with relaxing moments and plenty of entertainment. Speaking of having it all on a vacation... you'll feel pretty close to that feeling here, in the Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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