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Bavaria is one of the most visited regions of Germany. Its capital is the city of Munich, and its nature is simply impeccable. Unspoilt landscapes, fresh air, amazing culture, medieval castles, urban centers and baroque churches... Read more

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Bavaria is one of the most visited regions of Germany. Its capital is the city of Munich, and its nature is simply impeccable. Unspoilt landscapes, fresh air, amazing culture, medieval castles, urban centers and baroque churches... you can see it all on a holiday in Bavaria, from traditional to cosmopolitan.

A holiday with historical attractions

There are numerous and various attractions in Bavaria, World Heritage Sites, beautiful towns with impressive architecture, urban centers with museums and churches, medieval abbeys and palaces. From a holiday home in Bavaria yu should not miss the Neuschwanstein Castle, known throughout the world. The UNESCO listed sites of the Wieskirche pilgrimage church, the Roman Limes, Bamberg, Würzburg and Regensburg are not to be missed either. Discover the country's Nazi past in Nuremberg and Berchtesgaden, get to know the region's motor industry in Ingolstadt. Explore this area left and right, you will really find something for everyone here.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Bavaria

The Bavarian culture is quite unique, and the region's capital, Munich, stands as a witness to this for sure. There are opera festivals, there is the famous Oktoberfest here, there is great nightlife, numerous restaurants and all sorts of galleries and exhibitions. There is even the first cat cafe in the country Cafe-Katzentempel in Munich. If you decide upon a Christmas holiday in Bavaria, don't miss the Christmas Market in Nurenberg, it is not only famous but also incredibly beautiful. Berchtesgaden is one of the most popular resort towns in the Bavarian Alps, Aschaffenburg is amazing with its Schloss Johannisburg, the Bamberg Cathedral is a well known landmark of the region, the city of Regensburg on the Danube shore will leave you breathless with its shining beauty. See the concentration camp in Dachau, take the Romantic Road and visit quaint villages filled with traditions, monasteries and the Bavarian countryside. And of course, we would say don't miss the Eagle's Nest either, a both scenic and historical site.

A holiday among nature in Bavaria

The nature of Bavaria is made of mountain peaks and dense forests, of wide rivers and rolling hills. The Bavarian Alps are beautiful mountains, with the highest of them being Zugspitze, Lake Constance is also bordering Bavaria, and from a holiday park in Bavaria you can also get to visit the Bavarian Forest National Park as well as two other major nature parks here. This is said to be the vastest protected area of forest on the Old Continent, and a stunning natural area. The Brauneck Mountain is said to be the place where hikers and skiers meet, and in the Allgaeu region, you can just stop in any town, enjoy the local food, set off on a hike to anywhere here. Anywhere and everywhere is simply beautiful in Bavaria.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Bavaria

There are many hotels in Bavaria that offer spa facilities, as well as many health and wellness resorts. Try the Bad Reichenhall with its Rupertus Therme, a spa center that is just fabulous. Plus, the scenery around is simply amazing, with mountains and springs and a beautiful Alpine climate. Enjoy a nice hike and the surrounding nature and then relax with a massage, a sauna, enjoy the Natural Alpine saline, relax your body and soul. You deserve it.

Activities and sports

Sightseeing, great restaurants, Christmas Markets, hiking in the Bavarian Alps, the many sparkling lakes, the dense Bavarian Forest, the festivals and shows, entertainment venues... a holiday in Bavaria is indeed amazing. The Bavarian Forest is the oldest national park in the country, there are many footpaths here, there are cycling routes and cross country ski trails. Garmisch Partenkirchen is a renowned winter sports center and a health resort, with stunning views of the mountains and lakes around. The largest lake in Bavaria, Lake Chiemsee, is perfect for windsurfing and sailing, swimming. As is the Five Lakes Region, not far from Munich. Take the Romantic Road and stop wherever you like, visit Munich and its marvels... a holiday in Bavaria is unforgettable.

Family holiday in Bavaria

Spend a family holiday in Bavaria and have the time of your life with visiting amazing cities, with enjoying great nature, swimming pools and amusement parks, palaces and a pristine countryside. Visit the Legoland Germany in Gunzburg, the Wildpark Poing, the Europa Therme Bad Fussing thermal pool, the salt mine at Hallein, the Nymphenburg palace in Munich and so on. Hike in the Alps, walk in the Bavarian Forest, enjoy a great meal at a local restaurant, you're up for the best of times with a family holiday in Bavaria.

Dining in Bavaria - Guten Appetit!

Bavaria's hearty food is absolutely a must try, it is part of experiencing the local traditions, culture, part of experiencing Bavaria in all its facets. The Bavarian pretzels are a must, doughy and salty, a perfect match for some Bavarian beer. And... when on holiday in Bavaria, you can actually have sausage for breakfast. Try the weisswurst, it is amazing. Some roasted pig knuckle, or the Bavarian dish called schweinshaxe is a great lunch or dinner, and some German schnitzel with some fries are also a fabulous choice. The Spaetzle are the German equivalent to noodles, and they come in various combinations, always amazingly delicious though. For dessert, try some apfelstrudel, or some Bavarian Cream, the Danube Waves Cake, the Rum balls and so on. You will definitely have a Guten Appetit.

Holiday with a pet in Bavaria

Taking your pet to Bavaria will not be an issue. There are just so many things you can do together here, that will make your holiday that much more complete. Thus from hiking in the Bavarian Alps to enjoying a picnic by a lake, from walking the many walking routes in the Five Lakes Region to even sailing on a river, you can choose something fun to do here every day. Spend the evenings back at your pet friendly holiday home in Bavaria or simply just go out and enjoy a meal on the terrace of a restaurant... there is nothing but great times awaiting for you and your loved ones here.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Bavaria:
  • the Bavarian Alps and the Bavarian Forest, with amazing hiking, walking trails, winter sports in the cold season, beautiful landscapes year round;
  • Lake Constance and its surroundings, the town of Landau;
  • Munich, its Marienplatz, the Oktoberfest, the many museums, restaurants, the vivid nightlife here;
  • old towns such as Aschaffenburg, the beautiful town of Regensburg on the Danube's shore, Passau and its beautiful architecture;
  • Christmas markets such as the one in Nurenberg, or Munich, etc.;
  • the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps;
  • the Romantic Road and all the picturesque villages on its way, the pristine countryside;
  • Dachau and its concentration camp, the Eagle's Nest.

Bavaria is the largest region in Germany, the most visited one. There is no way you spend a holiday in Bavaria and you don't end up somewhere fabulous, experiencing something amazing, no matter where you're heading here.

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