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A hilly forested area, Sauerland is a beautiful region of Germany, very much appreciated by nature lovers. There are of course castles and towns that can be found here, museums and traditions and a great cuisine... all in all, a holiday in Sauerland is not only a good idea, it is: Read more

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A hilly forested area, Sauerland is a beautiful region of Germany, very much appreciated by nature lovers. There are of course castles and towns that can be found here, museums and traditions and a great cuisine... all in all, a holiday in Sauerland is not only a good idea, it is:

A holiday with historical attractions

The region of Sauerland is dotted with picturesque villages where time seems to have stood still, with beautiful towns that portray an enchanting history, with varied traditions that give the place a specific character. Thus, stop by from a holiday home in Sauerland in the town of Arnsberg if you get the chance. Its history goes back to medieval periods, there are castles and ruins, the “Berlin District” and its Prussian architectural style, the Jewish cemetery and the St. George's Chapel, etc. Lüdenscheid is also a great town with a historical significance among others, and the Versetalsperre reservoir nearby with lovely nature paths. See the Schloss Neuenhof, a water castle here, museums such as the Phanomenta, a science and technology museum, the Bremecker Hammer Smithy Museum. This place is also called the “town of lights” and hosts various events to this effect.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Sauerland

The fantastic thing about Sauerland is that the culture and history here are so impressively and perfectly mixed with nature, that you can't even believe your eyes... or senses. Take the Woodland Sculpture Trail for a chance, a hiking trail between the Schmallenberg and the Bad Berleburg, 23 km long with 11 rest stops. Each rest stop will have you though contemplating on inspiring pieces of contemporary art. How amazing is that? In Schmallenberg, don't miss the Doll Museum either, it is rather interesting in the very least. In Attendorn, easily accessible from a holiday home in Sauerland, you can visit not only the town and its attractions and events, but also the Atta Cave, where there is the cheese which is ripened here and which you can, of course sample. This is the only cave in the country where cheese is ripened. In Lüdenscheid again there are cultural events, as well as in many other towns in the region. Don't miss out on the spectacle of impressions you can gather from Sauerland.

A holiday among nature in Sauerland

Sauerland is a rural area, a hilly one, with many forests and valleys. The river Ruhr and the Lenne cross this land, and there are also a few artificial lakes. The highest summit in Sauerlan is the Langenberg, it is 843 m high. The Kahler Asten is though renowned for its observation tower, its weather station and also the nearby skiing opportunities, in the famous resort of Winterberg. Hikers and outdoor sports will feel perfect on a holiday in Sauerland, and the small towns that dot the area are filled with traditions that completes the scene.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Sauerland

A wellness weekend in Sauerland... now that is surely a thing worth trying. Indulge yourself with a facial at a local spa, then enjoy a hot-stone massage, a steamy sauna, take in the beauty of nature all around you. You deserve to relax on your holiday in Sauerland, and to this effect, some pampering can really come in hand.

Activities and sports

Given that Sauerland is a hilly forested area, it is ideal for activities such as hiking, cycling and so on. More than 30.000 km of marked hiking trails are to be found on a holiday in Sauerland, and some of the towns here are known for their beneficial climate and fresh air. Winter sports are also very popular in Sauerland, the famous resort of Winterberg is simply amazing, there is skiing, there is a bob sleigh track here, there is ski jumping in Willingen. From a holiday park in Sauerland, don't miss out on the Balve Cave either, one of the biggest prehistorical caves on the Old Continent. In summer, water sports at the Biggetalsperre are very popular. You can visit the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park too, castles and towns in this region, you're up for an adventure with every step of the way in Sauerland.

Family holiday in Sauerland

A family holiday in Sauerland should definitely start at the Fort Fun theme park, this is said to be the Wild West in Sauerland. This is where you will find the longest summer tobbogan run on the Old Continent, rollercoasters, rock climbing and other fun attractions. Of course, you can also opt for hiking, cycling together as a family, for sightseeing and barbecuing in the evening back at your holiday home in Sauerland, among a most pristine nature, with the freshest air.

Dining in Sauerland - Guten Appetit!

Don't leave this region without trying its specialty, the Potthucke. This pudding of potatoes, eggs, and milk served with bacon and a spread of pork sausage is really delicious. Of course, the local beer is a must and there are numerous other sorts of local delicacies that you can try, as well as some international dishes if you wish. Game meat and also beef, pork, sausages and hams are all very popular here, and of course, the famous German pastries are a must. Guten Appetit!

Holiday with a pet in Sauerland

Take your pet along with you on your holiday in Sauerland, there is so much amazing nature for you both to enjoy here. Rent a pet friendly holiday home in Sauerland and set off on a hike, go cycling together, go fishing, or simply walk around and stop for a picnic with the entire family, Fifi included. Choose a complete vacation, in both matters of company and entertaining moments.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Sauerland:
  • the towns of Arnsberg and Lüdenscheid, with their beautiful attractions and medieval feel;
  • the Woodland Sculpture Trail, a 23 km long hiking trail, with 11 res stops, each of them hosting works of contemporary art;
  • the Attendorn town and the nearby Atta Cave, with the famous cheese that is ripened here;
  • the resort of Winterberg and the winter sports here, the bob sleigh tobbogan run, the longest in Europe;
  • water sports at the Biggetalsperre;
  • the Fort Fun theme park, a wonderful place for spending a day with the family.
Sauerland is not necessarily a much populated area, the most populated regions of it being the ones of the river valleys. All in all, a holiday in Sauerland portrays beautiful nature, great outdoor activities, and also the culture, history and traditions in the quaint towns and villages here.

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