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They say Saxony is the region of world class culture; a precious gem of this country; a land steeped in history with a legacy of unique traditions. This region of Germany is the land of art, the land of inventors, the land of music, of technology and mankind. Read more

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They say Saxony is the region of world class culture; a precious gem of this country; a land steeped in history with a legacy of unique traditions. This region of Germany is the land of art, the land of inventors, the land of music, of technology and mankind. Amazing wellness resorts, famous handicrafts, historical steam trains, castles and palaces, they can all be found here. All in all, if you wish to combine the sightseeing and visiting of cities with an active time, a family time, relaxation and even spa and wellness breaks, a holiday in Saxony is the key to all this and much more.

A holiday with historical attractions

This region of Germany has a rich history dating back 1000 years ago, a unique culture. More than 500 museums dot this area. In Dresden, sights such as the Semper Opera House, the Zwinger Palace, the Church of Our Lady are really impressive. From a holiday home in Saxony discover the Battle of the Nations monument in Leipzig, as well as the Moritzburg Palace. There are market towns in Saxony that date back to like 1000 years ago. The entire region is one hat will impress everyone, of any age. Raffael’s “Sistine Madonna” can be admired when booking a holiday villa in Saxony, at the Old Masters Picture Gallery, one of the Dresden State Art Collections museums. The Audi factory is in Zwickau, and by the way, while in Dresden, you must go on one of the historic paddle boats too and visit the Military History Museum. The Christmas Market in Dresden has been going on every year for 600 years already, so if you're up for a Christmas holiday in Saxony, this is a must stop.

Cultural treasures on your holiday in Saxony

It is said to be the region of cultural marvels. Names such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Richard Wagner, Robert Schumann come from here, as well as world renowned ensembles such as St. Thomas's choir, or the Dresden's Kreuzchor, the Leipzig's Gewandhaus Orchestra and of course the Dresden State Orchestra. Plays, festivals, art collections, they can all be found here. Then this area of Germany is also well-known for its crafts, such as the wood carving tradition in the Erzgebirge mountains. In Vogtland they make musical instruments, the Meissen porcelain is also very well-known, and the Plauen lace and Glashütte watches will be something you wish to take as a souvenir.

A holiday among nature in Saxony

This region of Germany is also blessed with a beautiful nature. Visit the Saxon Switzerland National Park if you get the chance, you will be revealed one of the most stunning landscapes in Europe. The continent's highest fortress in this area, the Königstein Fortress, gives you a view of this park. You can see here the smallest mountain range in Europe too, the Zittau Mountains. The Ore Mountains are impressive as well, there is also a rich mining history here and the Christmas traditions are quite unique. Along the Mulde Rivers there are many castles that beautifully complete the landscape. North of Dresden there are amazing wine areas that date back hundreds of years.

Wellness and spa on holiday in Saxony

Many spa and wellness resorts are to be found in Saxony, you can get massages and beauty treatments, you can enjoy jacuzzis and pools, Turkish baths and saunas, and all these in a most beautiful natural scenery. The Toskana Therme Bad Schandau, the Sachsen Therem in Leipzig, the spas and wellness centers in Dresden, they all offer amazing facilities for some great pampering that you know you really deserve.

Activities and sports

One of the most appreciated and most popular sports in Saxony is football. Yet of course there are plenty of things to do here every day. From a holiday home in Saxony there is easy access to golf courses, as well as to more “extreme” sports such as climbing. For the latter one of them, the Saxon Switzerland National Park is an ideal place, as are the Zittau Mountains and the Greifenstein Rocks. Do not miss by any means the Elbe Cycling Path, which passes through the before mentioned nature park, as well as through the Saxon Wine Region and through Dresden. Hiking should be on your list of things to do in Saxony, take the Painters Path and you will enjoy every step you take. Then around Leipzig you should be up for some all sorts of water sports, from sailing to windsurfing, from canoeing to even rafting. Motorcycling is very popular in Saxony, and winter sports are not missing either, in Oberwiesenthal, in Klingenthal, Altenberg, etc. It is up to you now to discover the rest.

Family holiday in Saxony

Nobody has to miss out on the fun of a family holiday in Saxony. Not far from Leipzig you will find the Belantis amusement park, with great rides and a mega rollercoaster; then the Kleinwelka Dinosaur Park is also enchanting for both young and old, and the largest maze in the country will be right next to it. There are many zoos with all sorts of animal species, the Leipzig Zoo is one of the oldest ones in Europe. Visit the German Hygiene Museum from a family friendly holiday villa in Saxony, as well as many other museums and impressive sights. Enjoy your time with loved ones and create beautiful new memories in Saxony.

Dining in Saxony - Guten Appetit!

The Saxony cuisine is very diverse, traditional meets modern when it comes to culinary delights here. Potatoes are very much encountered in many dishes, fresh fish is also very popular, Sausages, venison meat, the Hochzeitssuppe which is a meat broth, the Sächsischer Sauerbraten, a German pot roast with potato dumplings are often encountered. The Dresden Stollen is a well known dessert, as well as the Eierschecke and many others.

Holiday with a pet in Saxony

Spending a holiday with a pet in Saxony is a fantastic experience, you can have your entire family together for having the time of your life here. Long walks among nature, as well as sightseeing and enjoying a nice meal on the terrace of a local restaurant are all great ways to spend time in a most pleasurable way in Saxony. This hidden treasure of Germany will show you and all your loved ones the best of times.

Points of interest, a “must see” list in Saxony:
  • the Dresden State Art Collections inclusive of the famous Raffael’s Sistine Madonna;
  • the shop of the Pfund dairy empire which is the most famous one in the entire world;
  • Dresden and its Semper Opera House, the Zwinger Palace, the Church of Our Lady, the Military History Museum, the oldest Christmas Market, a tour on the paddle boats;
  • the Saxon Switzerland National Park, the Königstein Fortress that overlooks it;
  • the Audi museum in Zwickau;
  • the Leipzig Music Trail and the Bach Museum among others;
  • cycling the Elbe Cycling Path, hiking the Painters Path, water sports around Leipzig.

A holiday in Saxony is more than you can imagine. It is an experience you must live in order to actually be able to completely enjoy its every facet. This cradle of culture, art, history and Reformation, luxury and nature, technology and classical music is simply astounding, a perfect place for a vacation in Germany.

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