Chalupy Chalet Orange Sun - Govedartsi, Jihozápadní Bulharsko, Bulharsko, BN56921

This wonderful chalet is located in the ancient peasant village of Govedartsi, in Bulgaria. Here, in the middle of vast fields and the Rila Mountains, you can experience a true adventure. On the village square, under the shade of some big old trees, the local inhabitants enjoy their coffee... or later in the afternoon, vodka. The cafes are situated among the bars which the town is famous for. Each day it is a joy to see the ritual of the shepherds, with their cattle leaving in the morning and returning in the afternoon. The chalet is located in Govedartsi. Govedartsi is the third largest ski resort in the Borovets. The village is situated 1100 meters above sea level and has approx. 1800 inhabitants. It is located 66 km south of Sofia, 20 km west of Borovets (a 20 minute drive) and 10 km southwest of Samokov (a 10 minute drive). In the town of Samokov there are restaurants, shops and a market. There are 1001 possibilities for a wonderful holiday in Bulgaria, whether active or restful.

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1 týden:
od 17 do 24 IX '15 
€ 225.00
od 18 do 25 IX '15 
€ 225.00
od 19 do 26 IX '15 
€ 225.00
2 týdny:
od 17 IX do 01 X '15 
€ 450.00
od 18 IX do 02 X '15 
€ 450.00
od 19 IX do 03 X '15 
€ 450.00
3 týdny:
od 17 IX do 08 X '15 
€ 675.00
od 18 IX do 09 X '15 
€ 675.00
od 19 IX do 10 X '15 
€ 675.00

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