Rekreační parky Am Burgensteig Typ III - Nentershausen, Hessen, Nemecko, BN70406

This detached holiday home is part of a small scale holiday park situated in the heart of the wooded mountain area of Hessen, just outside the atmospheric village of Nentershausen. Your hiking holiday begins right at your front door, where various walking routes lead you through beautiful natural surroundings. The car-free holiday park with 29 houses was built on the slopes of a hill and is a great place to spend a holiday with the children. They can play and romp around on the newly built (before the summer of 2010) playground which has the atmosphere of a medieval castle. In the park there is a large petting zoo where goats, sheep and rabbits beg for the attention of the kids. In summer there is also a small animation program. Enjoyment is the number one goal of the park. Spoil yourself with the bread service in the morning and then enjoy a barbecue in the evening (or the campfire nights where you can bake bread and toast marshmallows!). In the village there is a large outdoor swimming pool and a neighbouring mini-golf course which provides hours of fun. There is wireless internet available and at the reception there is a laundry area and internet corner that you can use for a small fee.


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od 01 do 04 IV '16 
€ 320.00
od 08 do 11 IV '16 
€ 320.00
od 15 do 18 IV '16 
€ 320.00
1 týden:
od 05 do 12 III '16 
€ 360.00
od 06 do 13 III '16 
€ 360.00
od 07 do 14 III '16 
€ 360.00
2 týdny:
od 05 do 19 III '16 
€ 720.00
od 29 III do 12 IV '16 
€ 720.00
od 30 III do 13 IV '16 
€ 720.00
3 týdny:
od 29 III do 19 IV '16 
€ 1080.00
od 30 III do 20 IV '16 
€ 1080.00
od 31 III do 21 IV '16 
€ 1080.00

Jsme dostupní od pondělí do soboty od 8.30 do 18.00 na +42 0246019083.

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