Rekreační parky Riviera dei Fiori - Glamour - San Lorenzo al Mare, Ligurie, Italie, BN902066

This is a four star resort located in the tourist port of Marina di San Lorenzo, San Lorenzo al Mare.
The building, of great beauty, is characterized by a unique architectural design modeled after a pagoda. It consists of 44 rooms, all with modern amenities, and overlooking the private beach surrounded by greenery. To make the resort even more attractive, there is a bar-restaurant situated on a panoramic terrace, offering a very special view.
The environment is typical of the beauty of a Ligurian port, with the presence of the sea in the background, all of which afford breathtaking views from various points of the hotel. The landscape is sure to leave you with an impressive emotional impact, so you will not have to worry about unforgettable moments.


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Jsme dostupní od pondělí do soboty od 8.30 do 18.00 na +42 0246019083.

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