Szabadidőparkok Alessidamo Bilo - Metaponto, Basilicata, Olaszország, BN901406

A few steps from the archaeological site of Metaponto and just 1.5 km from the sea, this modern holiday complex is located in the southern Italian region of Basilicata. The holiday park has been divided into rooms and apartments where the colors of light green and the surrounding landscape have been emphasized. This park is equipped with all the comforts and services you need for a wonderful holiday. Facilities of the park include a playground and a dance floor where the activity team organizes various activities and entertainment programs. Furthermore, there is mini-club for children, three pools surrounded by garden furniture, a small supermarket and an amphitheater where the activity team provides entertainment every evening during July and August (including dances, live music, shows, cabarets and concerts). In terms of sports there is more than enough to meet your needs. There are two tennis courts, a soccer field, archery, volleyball and bocce. For guests who would like to enjoy a swim in the sea, there is a regular minibus to the beach (1.5 km). The beach is equipped with beach chairs and beach facilities and you can rent an umbrella. You can walk to the beach in just a few minutes. You can rent bicycles on-site. In addition, you can use a common laundry room which contains washing machines. Upon request you can book various excursions at the reception desk. There is private parking.


Buitengewoon prettig verblijf gehad, goede accomodatie zoals beloofd!!!

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29 máj.-tól 01 jún. '16-ig 
€ 207.00
30 máj.-tól 02 jún. '16-ig 
€ 207.00
31 máj.-tól 03 jún. '16-ig 
€ 207.00
Rövid hét:
29 máj.-tól 02 jún. '16-ig 
€ 276.00
30 máj.-tól 03 jún. '16-ig 
€ 276.00
31 máj.-tól 04 jún. '16-ig 
€ 276.00
1 hét:
29 máj.-tól 05 jún. '16-ig 
€ 400.00
30 máj.-tól 06 jún. '16-ig 
€ 483.00
31 máj.-tól 07 jún. '16-ig 
€ 400.00
2 hét:
29 máj.-tól 12 jún. '16-ig 
€ 800.00
04-tól 18 jún. '16-ig 
€ 851.43
11-tól 25 jún. '16-ig 
€ 911.43
3 hét:
04-tól 25 jún. '16-ig 
€ 1311.43
11 jún.-tól 02 júl. '16-ig 
€ 1491.43
18 jún.-tól 09 júl. '16-ig 
€ 1640.00

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