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Summer is the time for your long awaited and well deserved vacation. Spend a holiday at the beach in Spain... enjoy the sun and the sea on a holiday in France, try out all sorts of water sports on a holiday in Italy. Have a most fabulous and relaxing time with family or friends by the sea! Long stretches of sand, dramatic cliffs that descend into the sea, boat rides and diving, sunshine, beach parties and great times welcome you on a holiday in Mallorca. Spoil your senses in Sicily, lose yourself in the infinite beauty of the majestic sea in Corsica and set no limits to your summer season this year... it's time for a beach holiday you will never forget!

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Bungalow.Net, Beach Holidays

Welcome to the site for beach holidays of Bungalow.Net. Don't you just love a beach holiday, sunbathing, swimming or just relaxing during your summer vacation? It's the perfect family holiday, building sand castles, playing in the sand, paddling on an air mattress, enjoying a game of beach volleyball or just reading a book on your deckchair in the shade of an umbrella. The beach is also the ideal destination for a romantic getaway, where you can take long walks on the beach and watch the sunset while enjoying a glass of wine. There is a fitting bungalow at the beach for everyone, just a short walk away from the coast and sandy shores, where your day at the beach can begin any time of the day.

During the summer holidays you can truly rejuvenate when you book a sunny holiday near the coast. Soak up the heat of the sun, get a nice sun tan and relax in the cozy atmosphere of the beach. Whether you choose the wide sandy beaches of the North Sea or you travel to the white sandy beaches of the Côte d'Azur, you will definitely enjoy your beach holiday. The busy boulevards lined with inviting little souvenir shops and atmospheric cafés and restaurants will make your holiday at the beach complete. With the beach bungalows in Liguria or Tuscany, you can give your holidays on the beach in Italy a cultural touch.

Are you looking for a family holiday with your teenage kids on the beach? Then we recommend the beach bungalows of the Costa Brava in Spain. The long sandy beaches offer hours of fun in the sun, where teenagers can visit a disco or other organized evening events. When you opt for a stay at a beach resort you will not only enjoy the beach and large swimming pool, but you can also enjoy a drink at the bar while watching a game on the big screen TV or play games with friends. Sunny holidays at the beach are not only for a family vacation, but also a great destination for holidays with friends. Either far away, or closer to home, you will definitely enjoy your beach vacation!