Villas Villa Serenella - Cortona, Tuscany, Italy, BN57448

Halfway up a hill, under the watchful eye of the beautiful town of Cortona, lies the ancient and noble Villa Serena, surrounded by olive groves and an old rustic park. Here, among centuries-old tranquility, you can relax and enjoy stately cypress and pine trees along with a magnificent view of the old town of Cortona. The stately Villa Serena, which dates from around 1800, has been fully-restored to its original glory, only the bathroom and kitchen are contemporary. In addition to the villa there are two, equally old, outbuildings: one where the wine was made and another that served as a "limonaia", a building with numerous windows and doors where the citrus trees (in large terracotta pots) were stored during winter. These buildings have also been fully-restored. In the park of the villa, the owner has built a swimming pool for the guests. From Villa Serena the great cultural cities of Tuscany and Umbria are easy to reach, but in the immediate surroundings you will also find many old villages that have a great history. A stay at Villa Serena, or one of its outbuildings, gives you the opportunity to enjoy plenty of beauty, nature and culture, all within easy reach.


Alternative periods
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Christmas  19 until 26 Dec '15
€ 518.00
New Years  29 Dec until 02 Jan '16
€ 328.00
1 week:
28 Nov until 05 Dec '15 
€ 640.00
29 Nov until 06 Dec '15 
€ 640.00
30 Nov until 07 Dec '15 
€ 637.00
2 weeks:
28 Nov until 12 Dec '15 
€ 1280.00
29 Nov until 13 Dec '15 
€ 1280.00
30 Nov until 14 Dec '15 
€ 1274.00
3 weeks:
28 Nov until 19 Dec '15 
€ 1920.00
29 Nov until 20 Dec '15 
€ 1920.00
30 Nov until 21 Dec '15 
€ 1911.00

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